loisflanAugust 18, 2014

Well, my neighbor just brought over the quilt I made for her for repairs. She had this quilt on her sofa, unfortunately not out of reach of her kenneled dog who decided to have it for dinner. She was too upset to tell me about it for a year, during which time I used the leftover focus fabric for another quilt. During this year, she took out all the quilting on the right third of the quilt and removed the binding. I don't know at this time if that made it better or worse for repairs. I think I have enough scraps left over to make another log cabin and maybe do some repairs. I don't have large pieces of the focus fabric, but if I add some additional gold stripes, I may be able to get it to look pretty good. I have extra backing fabric too.

As sad as I feel about it, I'm looking at it as a challenge. She told me that if I decided to just cut off the damaged third, she'd understand. I don't plan on doing that unless I really screw up the repair. I actually think I may be able to get it looking pretty good. The quilting is another story. I don't know if my LAQer will be able to load the quilt without having any extra fabric along the edges. Maybe I could sew an extra strip along the edge and then remove it after it is quilted. I'll have to ask her about it.

If anyone has any advice, I'd be glad to hear it.

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I have no advice but my heart aches for you.


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Ditto what Sharon said. I would not fret over it too much and I would not take it back to the longarmer. I would do whatever repairs I could and quilt them in place. You made a beautiful quilt for her - I remember that fabulous poppy fabirc - and you can fix it so she can continue to use it. More than that is Not required.

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It took a lot of courage for your neighbor to admit to this, obviously she loves the quilt and you, too. I wouldn't be able to face someone if that happened to me! But at the same time I would do only minimal to salvage it. No way would I invest sending it back out for work. I would offer to cut out the damage, re-piece it (sort of the quilt-as-you-go method) to make a smaller quilt, re-bind it and that's it. It would wind up being small and maybe only big enough to fold and lay across the foot of the bed but at least she would still be able to enjoy it.

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What a shame! I remember when you posted that beautiful quilt. I definitely wouldn't pay to send it to the longarm again. What's to say this dog is going to go for a second course? Once repaired, could you FMQ the repair? It isn't that big of an area.

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My friend will pay for any costs related to the repair. She even wanted to pay me to repair it, but I can't do that. I just thought that my FMQ would cause the quilt to "pucker up" differently that would the LAQ. Although I washed all the fabrics, I didn't wash the batting, and she hadn't washed the quilt before it was eaten. She also removed all the quilting from the damaged third of the quilt, so there is quite a large area to be re-quilted. But I may FMQ it anyway. I guess it depends how good it looks after the repairs. No sense putting "lipstick on a pig," as the saying goes.

Thanks for the commiseration from everyone. That was a sweet comment, Rita.

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"...she hadn't washed the quilt before it was eaten. "
That's not a phrase you hear very often!

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littlehelen_gw your quilts and I feel for you and your neighbors pain...yet at the same time I agree with everyone else...some patching on your part, but do not invest more.
I have two small dogs, who only nest in quilts, I can't imagine dogs consuming a quilt! On the other least we know the dog had excellent taste in quilts!

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Lois, First of all, I am sad for both you and your friend. I hope this doesn't put a strain on your friendship. I agree with Rita - well said.
I want to know --- Where are the Quilt Police when you NEED them??!
I think I would salvage as many blocks as you can -- reducing the number of rows to 2, introduce another background fabric if you cannot find the poppy print to make it long enough again.
I am curious, how did she do ripping out the quilting??? It probably took her the year.
I applaud both of you for facing the challenge.
I want to watch your progress - you have a wonderful attitude.

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She and her husband drive the 1800 miles between Minneapolis and Nakusp, British Columbia, every two months. Two months here; two months there. She said she picked out the quilting while riding. It won't impact our friendship. And I'd like to get the quilt back as close as possible to original so she won't have to think about it any more. I know it was very hard for her. And she is the sweetest person. I think I'll start on it right now.

And Kate, you have the greatest sense of humor.

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