Rough In Opening for a Bypass Door

aloha2009January 1, 2012

We're installing two 32" doors into a rough in 64" opening. This will allow for a 1" overlap. Easy.

We're getting conflicting information though regarding the height. When we demo'd the existing closet, we measured a 83" opening and the doors were/are 80" giving a 3" opening for drywall, flooring, sliding etc. Almost everything we read it says leave 82".

The hardware we are using didn't designate anything. We're nervous about decreasing it down to 82" since it wasn't that way before, and it would be easy to shorten the distance but HELL to increase it. That said, 82" does sound better since we had a bit of a gap before on the bottom (but stayed within the guide).

Framers what do you do and why?

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"We're installing two 32" doors into a rough in 64" opening. This will allow for a 1" overlap. Easy"

As long as you are narrowing the rough opening 1 inch less than typical. For 32" doors with a 1 inch lap, your width would be 65"

82" is a "standard height" for most applications. We typically went 82-1/2" but you have to take into consideration the flooring used and adjust accordingly.

This is also assuming your jamb header and legs are 3/4" frame thickness. Some pre-hungs have thicker jambs.

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For two 32-inch doors, the opening should be 63 inches, to allow for a l-inch overlap.

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64" rough opening would allow for the 2 32" doors with the 1" overlap as the 3/4" thick jambs on each side would bring the actual opening size down enough for the overlap. A finished opening of 64" would be too large.

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Millworkman, Wouldn't that result in a 1-1/2 inch overlap?

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The finished opening for bipass should be 63", which is why it's hard to convert to bifold in the future.
The height can be trimmed off the doors if you get it wrong but where I learned the rough opening was almost always 2" larger than the door size. 82 1/2" would be OK too as you may want room for carpet.
Bipass hardware is usually ACME or JOHNSON. Look them up online for specs and clearances.

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