How do I fix my not square stud wall?

lethargoJanuary 1, 2010

So DH got all trigger happy while off from work last week. We're finishing the basement finally. In his ambitious rage he didn't take the time to check his work. Needless to say, we have a couple of walls that aren't square, one that isn't plumb. I'm mostly concerend about the wall that isn't plumb. It's also not square. Is there any way to save the stud wall while fixing the issue? I'd just hate to rip it down...



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Cats-paw nail puller for a start. If the layout is correct, maybe just cut the top & bottom plates loose and move until correct with the persuader (3 lb hammer). If the layout was wrong, figure out how and where, and pull nails. Studs are too expensive to tear out and start over.

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I prefer a three-four foot crowbar. (Or as Eddie Murphy called it in a SNL skit, the "universal key" to the city.)

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