Question on replacement door cost.

cruzmislJanuary 4, 2011

Hi All,

My house is about 15 years old and I want to get new front and back doors. The front is a standard steel double door (8/6) with full glass light and the rear has the same. The doors have seen their share of abuse over the years so I called someone out for a quote.

I decided on the steel double doors up front with full glass (some type of design in the glass) and went with a sliding patio door in the rear with blinds inside the glass. Nothing too ornate or unusual as far as I was concerned. The doors are manufactured by a local company.

Anyway-I got my quote...drumroll...............................$9500 installed with taxes!! WTF! Is that the going rate or did this guy lose his mind? Surely there will some variability with install work, type of door/glass chosen etc but that seems like a TON of cash.



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He didn't lose his mind...he's just hoping that you lost yours and will pay this. You need to shop around, both locally and online.

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I would shop around,but first a clarification.

are your doors 6'8"? or 8'6"?

the first shouldn't cost that much unless you're paying for a really custom premium product. the second, I don't know how much they go for, it is a large more custom size to begin with.

having just bought and installed a front door and french door back door, I can tell you, you can pay anything you want for these. my actual cost was around 2K for the front entry (ThermaTru fiberglass with sidelights) and 1K for the rear single patio door (single door pella). both uninstalled. I found things twice as expensive that i really liked too that were not the high end line either.

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I can believe the cost. We had to replace our 14 year old Jeldwen front door due to issues. It was a steel door with two sidelights and elliptical above. I wanted to replace it with ThermaTru and fiberglass, but we have a brick house and we couldn't find any other brands who thought their elliptical shape would match the opening so we were locked into the same brand we initially had. They recommended against fiberglass due to direct sun so I now have a steel exterior/ wood interior door. Door alone was over $6000 but the cost variance was due to the style and shape of the glass, the materials for the framing -we went with something that won't rot or ever need need painting and it has a continuous sill so it won't wick up moisture where the door meets sidelights (they didn't make the doors that way when we bought the one 14 years ago and it had rotted). I hope I don't have to replace again. Actually if I ever have to replace it again I think it would be cheaper to add on a small room and put in a standard door.

If I ever build a house again, I'll go with a standard size door opening. Nothing fancy and a door that's easy to replace.

But I do have to say that I do like my new door.

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Its a standard 6"8" door. I'm shopping around now. I'm thinking best bet is to buy the doors and find someone to install them.

I found some doors online ( that are fiberglass (not steel) and are just as nice as what I was looking at for $3K delivered. Even if I bought two of these and poaid a guy $1K to install I'm still almost $3K ahead. I'm just not sure on the quality but they look nice in the pictures ;-)

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I will just relate my experience that the best product in the world can be marred or ruined by an indifferent or botched installation, while a good (but not top-of-the-line) product installed properly, by someone who knows the foibles of the product and the materials, will serve you for a long time. Since you're talking about what is pretty much a "normal" installation, "buy" the installer first and then pick a door.

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May not be unreasonable depending on if you are using slab doors or replacing the whole jamb.

Is the house masonry? (not brick veneer, but two wythe thick, weight bearing, brick walls?)
While not likely on a 15 year old house, but a stone facade can also run up the price of door jamb replacement.

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You give no details on door cost or conditions of the install situation so it's hard to know if it's an over the top estimate.
Details and pictures of the current doors would help.

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Thats the thing. The total I got was never broken down into labor, doors etc. I'll try to get some pics.

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We are also intrested in getting an exterior door for a new home we're getting built. We are looking for fiberglass doors. We've looked at ThermaThru doors, Feather River doors, etc.

I would like to know where the person (username of chrisk327) that got a ThermaThru door for 2k bought it from. Can you please share that information?

Also, any comments about people's experience with either ThermaThru or Feather River doors would be appreciated.

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i think it would be not very difficult to find less expensive :) . The installation costs are not so important to justify a such price. read more about door prices below

Here is a link that might be useful: door prices

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