Pine Tree update #3

grammypAugust 15, 2012

I'm sorry it has taken so long for the 3rd update, but I worked 41.5 hours last week and DH is still recovering from his tick bite. I have gotten some work done.

Here are the first 25 finished blocks.

There are enough pieces left to make about 6 more blocks. I am considering several layouts. I think the blocks side by side looks a bit busy and it is hard to see the actual block, so here is possible layout #1:

I would quilt something in the blank spaces, not sure what. I would have enough to make 2 queen quilts with this one (they are laying on a king bed).

Here is possible layout #2:

Once again, I would quilt something in the blank spaces, but would have enough to make 3 queen quilts with this one. The mascot for the race is a box turtle named "Bill" (because the trail crosses Bill's Creek) and I may come up with a pattern to quilt him into the empty blocks.

I welcome all suggestions.


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For least work and fastest quilt I kinda like the busy side by side. Howwever, I do like the right side up ones, oh darn and the other one too. Sorry, no help at all.

It will be really fun to see what you come up with for the blank spaces on the two layouts with open space. Probably be a bit busy, but bears come to mind...the nature fabrics out there are amazing.

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I like both of the options but the side-by-side is good too.
Whatever you choose will be great. Good Luck!

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What about rotating blocks in the side-by-side layout? Sort of like a log cabin. I agree that it's really busy with them all turned the same way.

They look great!


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I love that first one with them all together and turned the same way. It's turning out to be wonderful. You can't go wrong with any of them Bev.

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I think this pine tree design is awesome, no matter which you choose, I really don't think you can go wrong w/ any of the layouts. I'm not sure I have a preference, might depend on it's use...bed quilt, option two, other, option one. Well done!

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I like the first option with the plain blocks alternating. And I love the idea of quilting a turtle in the plain blocks. Did I remember that this is a bike race? Maybe you could quilt a bike in one plain block in the middle or down in one corner?

Hope Tim continues to improve - ticks are just the worse!


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They are both great but I favor the #2, I guess I like my trees growing Plus I like the plan for quilting in the plain blocks.
You have done a wonderful job pulling them together. Can't wait to see the next step. TFS

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They look great - any of the three ways! Thanks for sharing the pictures and I hope your hubby starts feeling much better soon.

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I think the second two options keep the integrity of the pine trees better. Although I like the first layout too, the trees seem to be just the two large pieces, and the HSTs look like sashing. My vote would be for either of the options with alternating solid white blocks. They're going to be great quilts.

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I like them all but the first one (busy trees!) the best. "Can't see the trees for the forest."

Have you tried the side by side one with just sashing between the blocks? That might give you the definition you are looking for.


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Thanks everyone. I'm going to let Tim look at them and see what he wants.

These are for a trail run we are putting together as a fund raiser for our Civitan club. There will be a 5K, 10K, and half marathon with men's and women's 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes. We had wanted to do a quilt for 1st place in each race, but no way I can get 6 done by Oct 20th. If I have 2 we can use them for 1st place in the half marathon and perhaps table runners for the shorter ones. If I get 3 done, perhaps just a drawing from the entrants for each race.


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Kate, we were typing at the same time. That thought did cross my mind. I'll have to lay them out and see how that looks.


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Possible layout #2 with tree blocks in the 6 white spaces? There's still room for 'Bill' around the outside and corners. Just thinking......


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I like them all~but the busy first picture looks like a trail thru the woods to me. And it shows the INCREDIBLE amount of work and pieces it took to make this award. Even a non quilter would say WOW! just because of all the different fabrics and pieces.

If you bring something to work on at Retreat for this event, I'll help you.

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Beverly, I like all 3 of your ideas. I think you're truly illustrating that you really can't go wrong any way you decide to make this quilt, you've just got to decide what you like best. Having said that, when I saw your 3rd option, I immediately "saw" mountains as a part of the plain blocks, maybe some simple diamonds in the lower half of the block?
Lol, whatever you decide, it's going to look fantastic, so, dive in and have fun!

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