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ckathynotJanuary 23, 2010

Calling all you genius Photoshop friends....we just bought a house to fix as a rental. It is in dire need of an external facelift to bring it up to a 21st century look. I would be so appreciative if you Photoshop geniuses would give this a try. We will be turning that garage convertion back to a garage so you can put a garage door in there. The front screen door is open, in this picture. It actually sits flush on the side of the house not the very front. I'd love to also see some color recommendations. Thanks so much. You have no idea how much I appreciate this. Can you believe someone actually painted this turquois?


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Well... I am not a photoshop expert but here are some ideas:

- I would stick to basic updated colors. I love Alexandria Beige (Benjamin Moore) for the exterior walls and clean white trim. If you had garage doors, they could be white too. A black roof, front door and light fixtures would look great with this combination, but I am not sure to what extent you are remodeling. You could also put a black urn planter on the porch. If you have to stay with the gray roof, then I would double check your color choice against the roof to make sure it looks good because you may need to select a more gray/beige color.

- Are you changing the porch? You could update the front pillar, so that it is larger. A white square pillar would be nice. If you are keeping the concrete, I think there is a product you can brush over it to make it look like stone (it might be called stone effects?). I have not tried it, but it may be a quick fix for older concrete.

- Landscaping - I would remove the grass by the house and make mulch flower beds, with some small shrubs. I would also plant something a little larger at the left corner of the bed to hide the air conditioner from the road. I also think planting some boxwoods down the curved side of the driveway would look good.

I always find that neutrals look the best together, with a splash of color (which you can do with your plants), and are always in style.

Good luck.

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