Storing Fabric Question

blueiris24August 4, 2013

It's been a long time since I quilted, but I'd like to get back to it and in the meantime have got to better organize my fabric and everything else that comes with it -- I have a cotton garment bag and bought some multi-tiered hangers to store my larger pieces of fabric so they are easier to access -- Some of the hangers are plastic but some are those "comfort" hangers with the velvet-like covering -- can I just hang my fabric on those or should I put something under the fabric between the hanger and the fabric? -- I realize this is an ignorant question but better safe than sorry.....

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Welcome to the forum!
I have to admit I've never concerned myself with the type of hanger to use for hanging those larger pieces, but I'd rather be safe than sorry as well...I would recommend using a cotton towel, or several pieces of tissue paper between the velvet like hanger cover and the fabric. I would be concerned with changes in temperature and fabric hanging for any time, that the artificial covering would transfer to the fabric.

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I agree with Valarie. I think I would keep the quilting fabric from touching the velvet stuff. A scrap of fabric or muslin would also do the job.

Welcome! Hope you enjoy our virtual quilt guild and share your stories with us!

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Thank you so much! I was here years ago when I was actively quilting, but haven't been around for a long time -- looking forward to getting my stash back in order and to have the time to start again in the next year - so I will be dropping by now and again - thank you for your help.

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Being a scrappy quilter, I don't have many large pieces of fabric on hand. I have dozen foam thingies that fit over the hangar rod, covered each with a worn-out terry towel. Re-purposed a couple sheets to make pillowcase-type dust covers with a hole for the hanger's hook. In the past I have also used the cardboard tubes from paper towels (well covered with terry) and they work just as well. The best part of the tubes is that your fabric doesn't get a crease from the weight of the material hanging down.

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