Which way would you orient faucets on sink? Pls help

akcorcoranApril 5, 2013

Hi - I have my Kohler Vinnata (already mounted, handle in front thanks to GW!) and then an Everpure cold/hot faucet for chilled and instahot water going in. Which direction would you mount the faucets? (pics below)

There is a soap dispenser going on the LEFT side (big sink) at an angle, I think, but it could always go straight, depending on what I decide.

I was thinking b/c of the curves of the sink, the angles look better. And, it pours into the sink that way while faucet is out of the way. Plust straight on makes it closer to the Vinnata when using the Vinnata in the right sink.

However, that looks ok if the Vinnata is pointing left as well as the Everpure (permanently that way) so they are lined up.

That said, if I straighten the Vinnata when not in use (which I think I will for at least a while or when company is here!) but the Everpure is angled, it's not very neat looking!

Then, I think the straight mount looks better?

With either mount, as a bonus, I could always sit a mug or tea cup or bowl (oatmeal!) on the countertop instead of having to hold in in the sink as the boiling water pours in ... bonus! :-)

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I would prefer the smaller basic/standard cold/hot water dispensers that are available. They just seem to disappear, instead of trying to compete with the main faucet.

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Have you considered the left side of the sink? It's further away from the main faucet, and if for some reason you were using it to fill a larger container, it will fit better in that larger, presumably deeper bowl.

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Oh, and either way, definitely on an angle in the corner.

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+1 for on the angle in the corner.

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Elraes Miller

On an angle. But I agree that the one you have fights a bit with the main faucet style. Although if it goes further down into the counter, maybe less so.

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Angle looks fine to me. No one will notice with everything else in the kitchen. I agree that it might be worth putting it on the other side because it looks like it would get in the way if you were trying to wash a big pot or cookie sheet. I think that might bother me a little right there in the line of attack. Hard to say but maybe you could sort of experiment and see for sure before installing.

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