Has your kitchen project given you pains?

rosyladyApril 30, 2013

Ok, of course there is the financial pain of remodeling a kitchen (or building a new one). But have you developed physical pains from the stress? I have!

We have been working on a whole house reno for almost four years now. We are finally finishing our kitchen this year. We just made the decision to finish it three days ago, and I have all of the sudden I developed:

-a popping, painful jaw (probably from grinding my teeth at

- a frozen shoulder, with the other shoulder on it's way

- a permanent headache

Drinking is great, but I can't really start that until 4pm (that's when the cocktail hour starts around here).

If only I had a personal masseuse! (my husband won't do it for me anymore because he's annoyed at how much this kitchen is costing...)

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This is kind of bad advice - more like do as I say but.... Can you try to enjoy it? Hopefully some of it should be fun. I'm not much better because I seemingly love to worry over things. Anyway, try to lighten up and come up with a way to calm down. Maybe a yoga ball or full body roller to ease some of the physical signs of stress?

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I've never heard of stress-induced frozen shoulder, but I just had one of mine freeze up without any apparent reason, so why not?

Get a Cortisone shot and some decent physical therapy ASAP. I went from not being able to lift my arm to horizontal (>90ð), to almost straight up (175ð) in about 2 weeks. Another week and I had very little pain. PT itself was painful, but well worth it!

Good luck.

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Oh yeah, rosy, but the major pain has been my DH who decides to change things about the time I think everything is set. In fact, I went just today and got a back and neck massage - oh yeah!

Just keep in mind, it's 5 o'clock somewhere (my new mantra)!

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frozen shoulder exercises are on you tube and the web....I don't think you can do a kitchen remodel yourself [the labor aspect] with a frozen shoulder-[8 mo to 2yr duration]. My shoulder improved after 10 mo or so.

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Oh no, we're not doing the work ourselves (anymore). It's managing the people working for us that's stressful, and making the millions of decisions that come with this phase of the project.

Browneyes: yes, I am trying to enjoy it. I actually love renovating (it's an old farmhouse), at least in my conscious mind. But there must be some subconscious stress going on for me.

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Holly- Kay

I haven't had any physical pain but I have plenty of psychological pain. I can't sleep because I am too busy looking for just the right hardware, lighting, hood for the new kitchen. I worry over everything and I can tell you it is driving me nutso!!!

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During our last renovation (architect's estimate 6-9 months, actual time 22 months until last permit closed), I developed regular migraines and terrible insomnia. DH, who has TMJ, was popping Aleve every day to help lessen the tension/pain in his jaw.

For the upcoming kitchen reno, we're hoping to medicate away our problems with alcohol. I've been sampling every interesting-sounding tequila cocktail at local restaurants and DH has laid into a stock of his favorite pale ales.

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Well I don't want to sound like a Debbie Downer, but I would be afraid of self medicating with alcohol. I'm going to expect some eye rolls somewhere but exercise helps me relax. Even just stretching or getting a punching bag can help.

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A punching bag! I like it...although I must admit I will be picturing my flooring guy's face as I lay into it. Hee, hee...

Yes, alcohol is not the best solution. My husband would say it was sex, but with him, not the contractor :)

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I did quite a bit of jawing and ended up with a bite splint for night but think I really need if for the daytime.
My BP held steady but what suffered - my running time. I had to give up something but kept cycling, new job, and taking care of DM long distance - running was the final straw. I am back running now and hope to run Boston again downstream.
Dark Chocolate and red wine helped. DH would like the sex option :-)

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I lost 10 lbs in 5 weeks while all 4 of us had to eat and live in the living room. Can't complain now...

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I gained your 10 lbs plus and now am working it off...

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Spend the cash and get a custom splint for your teeth from your dentist. Your TMJ is probably also causing your headaches.

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Hire an interior designer to help you with the material selections. A good one should be able to hear the needs of both you and DH and hopefully help things to calm down somewhat on the home front. I don't take the stress of making expensive decisions very well and consider the designer worth every penny. She really was my security blanket. Plus with her help, I'm thrilled with the results. If you decide to follow through with this suggestion, try to hire someone in your area who can pop in for a quick consult for those unexpected problems.

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This sounds all too familiar. I just took my muscle relaxers to help with my neck pain, hoping I don't grind my teeth again tonight while fretting about my off center kitchen sink ;/ hopefully tomorrow is smoother!!!

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