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dan_the_mailmanAugust 20, 2012

Okay, I've gone and done it, finally! I'm wiping the quilting slate clean and starting over. Keepsake quilting has two quilts I've been wanting to make, seemingly forever. I just joined the block-of-the-month club for Petals of my Heart, pictured here. It'll end up being a $450 lap quilt, but by golly, I'm worth it. I've been telling myself it was too expensive of a quilt, but we only get one turn at Life, and I'm tired of denying myself and telling myself there are better ways to spend my money every time I see this quilt. So, for the next 6 months, KQ will be sending me a reminder that I'm worth it, and I don't have to constantly deny myself. After all, the bills are being paid, my family is being taken care of, and quilting has become one of the few things I do for myself.

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The 2nd quilt I've been salivating over is Blue Moon. I do have quite a fabric stash, so I ordered just the pattern for this one. It has a lot of possibilities, and you just know I'm gonna get creative with this! I can work on it while I'm waiting for the next block of the PoMH quilt to arrive. Right now I'm picturing this one in blues like in the picture, and the flipside done in yellows, oranges, and reds.

Y'know something? I'm feeling better now, and can't wait until my first package from KQ arrives!


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No rationalization necessary! Both beautiful choices. Have a wonderful time on them! Can't wait to see the pix posted.

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Good for you, Dan! Enjoy making your "someday" quilts!

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thanks everyone. life is too short, so "someday" is

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Gorgeous quilts Dan! I would probably get the 2nd one done but I am not a fan of doing applique so the first one would take me forever! I do love applique though so if anyone is inclined to send me an appliqued quilt just message me for my


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I agree, both are beautiful - but I am like Mary - I really don't do applique. Love the pattern and colors for the Blue Moon. I have seen that made with scrappy colors and love it!
Good for you Dan, I will be looking forward to seeing your progress!

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I consider myself to be a newbie to applique, but that first quilt has been calling my name for a long time. Now that I've made my decision to pay the money and make it, I'm wishing KQ would hurry up and get my first part of it to me so I can work on it tonight! Lol, can you tell I'm getting excited?


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I love applique (especially hand applique), so I'm looking forward to your progress on the Petals quilt. Since you posted it the other day, this is also on my "one day" list. Your rationalization is also what got me signed up for a 2 year commitment on my Dear Jane quilt. I'm half way through it and so far have no regrets! I hope you have a good experience, too.

I also love the colors in that Blue Moon quilt. My dd wants to redo her room and is looking at a blue/green color. She wants something simple and I think using a slightly different shade of blue, this might be the quilt for her. I will show her tonight and see what she says!

Keep us posted!


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Both quilts are gorgeous!
Good luck and can't wait to see them when your finished : )

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Dan, You are absolutely right to take this plunge and treat yourself to something you know you'll love doing! I'm really interested in following your progress on the Petals of my Heart pattern.


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Good for you! I have a quilting buddy who took the plunge last march and ordered a kit. Beautiful kit! More money than I am ready to part with right now. She is in the process of making it now. Can't wait to see how yours and hers turn out!

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I like to applique, but I've never done anything that intricate. That's why I asked you on the other post if the fabric was printed with the design, I couldn't imagine appliqueing that fine detail. Very ambitious, can't wait to see your progress. I love the second quilt and it's colors too. Have fun!

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Hi Bev! I didn't see your other post, so I'm glad you mentioned it here too! At this point, you know as much as I! I've never ordered a kit before, so I don't know what to expect. Along with the rest of my order (one quilt pattern and one block-of-the-month), I did happen to order a smaller kit which will make an 8" block. I'm anxious for it all to get here, I want to start sewing! And yes, I'll be sharing along the way stuff like pix, what I'm learning, and of course my frustrations if!

Darlene, the money issue was what kept me from ordering for so long, but finally I found myself quoting that famous line in Risky Business, do you know the one? It can be replaced in polite company with "What the heck?", so that's what I'm doing! Usually I'm all about getting the bills paid and doing for others, but this time I've found something I want, so I'm doing something for me, at least, for the next 6 months. We'll see how it goes! Would you believe I'm still wrestling with my decision to spend that much money on a quilt for myself? And that quilt isn't even made yet? Yep, I'm still learning how to relax... ***sigh***

Everyone have a good night, and THANK YOU FOR THE ENCOURAGEMENT!!!


p.s. The picture is of the 8" kit I bought at the same time as the other two.

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That applique quilt and the smaller quilt with applique are gorgeous, Dan. So happy for you that you decided to treat yourself... and that you'll let us know what you learn and how it's going. We can enjoy the process along with you!

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That little kit is so adorable! If there were a few more quilting hours in a day I'd have to have that!

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really like the one with the flowers. good choices

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Maybe we can re-start our posts on progress for those doing any block of the month project. I've let mine slide for a long time but would like to get started again.

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My kits and pattern arrived today, and you bet I'm excited! I think I'm going to just play with them and read the instructions tonight, and start sewing tomorrow night. I want to stretch this out for a little while, it's so much fun! Yippee!!! ***throwing confetti into the air***
I must admit, I was a little nervous about the kits having different fabrics from the pictures, but everything was exactly as pictured! That is so cool! I'll post some pics in the next few days.

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I am really looking forward to both of these quilt. And I know the excitement you're experiencing. I get that way every month when my Dear Jane blocks arrive :-) Keep us posted on your progress


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