Change realtors?

chrisk327August 30, 2010

Ok, so I've had my house for sale for a while now...


we listed 3/2009 with an agent, had 2 acceptable offers within 2 weeks, accepted 1, my wife lost her job, we pulled out of the market and took the house off.

we relisted 2/2010 have had activity, 1 good offer that fell through, a few lowball offers, everyone loves the house, but its a 2br 1 bath and it doesn't "fit" them despite being bigger than a lot of the smaller 3brs. contract expired in 4 months, we relisted at a lower price for 3 months, still activity but no offers.

Ok, we know we need to lower the price, I get that. Now should we change our RE agent now that the contract is expiring?

Houses are selling in our area, some sit but for the most part nice well priced houses are moving.

she brought up the idea of another price drop 2 weeks ago, but I didn't want to drop the price as a last ditch effort for her.

We like her, she seems to be doing everything she is supposed to do, she gives good tours, and people have been coming through the house.... but it hasn't sold, and I guess the answer to that is price. do we try someone else? or ride it out with her?

What "else" can a RE agent do? frankly I don't really feel there is much, once you're up on the various sites, some open houses etc but that is why I'm asking the question.

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please see link to my house

Here is a link that might be useful: this is my house

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We like her, she seems to be doing everything she is supposed to do, she gives good tours, and people have been coming through the house.... but it hasn't sold, and I guess the answer to that is price.

So, after all the work that she has done, you want to lower the price and let another agent sell the house?

And the link to your house didn't work.

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you could look at it that way...

she hasn't sold the house in 7 months, the house is in tip top shape which isn't common in my area, why should I sign another contract with her, and think she could sell the house, when she couldn't move the house in 7 months with the tax incentive in place?

I see both arguements on this, at first I was falling into your line of thought, but everyone I talk to says bascially what I just typed above, it kind of got me thinking.

I mean if I dropped the price tomorrow and it sold, I'd love to have her get the commission. however, if I drop the price and it doesn't sell, I just wasted a price drop b/c "something" else was missing on the promotion end.

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Guns don't kill people, people kill people...And along that line, realtors don't sell houses, houses sell houses...Any BS that a realtor can actually make a difference is hooey...Sure a real bad one can be a issue, but a good realtor is a good realtor..The realtors earn their keep once a buyer has made an offer, and they "finalize it" making sure the i's are dotted and t's crossed..

Keep your current realtor and lower the price..

Best of luck...

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Like qdawg said "houses sell houses". Your agent is getting you showings, there is not much more that can be done by the agent beyond that. I certainly wouldn't let another agent reap the benefit of a price drop after this agent by your own admission is doing everything that she's supposed to.

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Any house will sell if the price is right...conversely, the best realtor in the world won't be able to sell your home if it's overpriced. I don't know the entire story, but it's possible that you thwarted the efforts of your current realtor to do her job properly by not allowing the home to be priced according to market trends.

Drop the price and let your current realtor continue to sell your home.

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It took us 2 years to sell our house and we had the same realtor the entire time. We put our house on the market at the beginning of the downturn of everything so we knew that was much of the problem. We had plenty of traffic and felt our realtor was doing everything she could to sell our house (open houses, advertising, follow up e-mails to other realtors, keeping an eye on the area so we would know when we might need to price drop, etc...) She has been invaluable to us in the last year helping us navigate buying land and now closing on our newly built house. All that to say, I think you should keep her if she is bringing traffic in. I agree with qdwag - your house will sell your house when the right person is brought in.

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Thanks for your opinions. The realitor picked the price of the house and we listened to her doing 2 price drops and we're priced lower than the offers from last year, and the offer that backed out for another house.

How do I know she is doing everything she is supposed to?

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" we're priced lower than the offers from last year"

Welcome to 2010.

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If this house is getting showings it seems that the house is getting the appropriate exposure.

The other thing I look for from a real estate agent is advice on pricing and what factors about my house will help it and what will hurt it.

It sounds from your post that your real estate agent has advised you to reduce price. Has she been active in giving you advice on how to price your house, telling you what the market is like, giving you real feedback on the pros and cons of your house? If so, then I wouldn't be changing agents. If not, then I might look for someone else.

If you are going to switch to someone else you might look to see how long the house would need to be off the market in your area to go back on as a new listing (yes I know the price history is still available but many people may never ask for it).

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