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cocoonerAugust 7, 2010

Hello. I am not a quilter but love quilts. You folks are so talented to do what you do.

I am looking to get a quilter to make a quilt of Great Dane heads with the six heads being all of the allowed colors. She draws the heads and then makes a quilt of them. I've looked at her fabrics but have not seen one that would represent brindle to me. Brindle is tan with black stripes. Lots of dogs have this color pattern.

Have any of you seen anything that could work? I figure that you're familiar with lots of fabric places on line and in stores.

thanks, cocooner

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Cocooner, I'm not certain I understand your question. You already have a quilter in mind to make your quilt, right? I understand you're looking for fabrics, but do you want the brindle/great dane to be pictured on the fabric? Or are you looking for fabrics to match the colors you need and then have the dog heads to be somehow pieced/foundation pieced/appliqued to represent the dog heads?

Can you clarify? Then perhaps we can be of more assistance.


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Oh, this way beyond my expertise. I think in order go get a realistic brindle you will have to have someone who dyes/paints their own fabric. I have never seen a fabric that would make a nice brindle, and to have it be in the proper scale I think it would have to be done by hand.


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Perhaps you could get some closeup photos of the brindle pattern (not of the dog itself) then use photo editting program to piece together large photo and print the photo onto fabric (fabric photo transfer). These brindle-printed fabrics could even be photos of the particular 6 great danes for which you will have to quilter make the heads on your quilt.


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Thanks for the responses; sorry it took so long for me to get back here.

The quilt would be six Great Dane heads with a border, one in each accepted color - fawn (tan), brindle, harlequin (white with black spots), blue (gun metal gray), mantle (white with black), and black. The fabrics she has for colors except brindle suggest the colors nicely. If folks want to see her work, look up Doodle Bug Quilts. (I have no business relationship with her.)

The picture idea is interesting. But it does not have to be exactly brindle, just suggest it. Here is a quilt on ebay that has fabric that could work -

I thought that maybe folks here would have seen something that would be a good fit.

thanks, cocooner

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Try to think outside the box. I was doing a portrait quilt of a greyhound once. I ended up with a fabric that was sold as a birch tree bark/tree fabric. It worked perfectly for parts of the greyhound.

Maybe look for fabric prints that suggest landscaping designs...

Here is a link that might be useful: maybe this would work?

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