Double stock wall cabinets 10 ft ceiling

texasblacklabJanuary 20, 2014


Our kitchen has 10 ft ceiling and we currently have 30 in wall cabinets leaving exactly enough room between the ceiling and the cabinet for another 30 in on top. I do not want to buy new cabinets (42 in) so my choice is either to get another 30 in and put on top or leave it as it is.

I would really like the cabinets to reach the ceiling and I could use the extra storage space but I wonder if two rows of the same size cabinet will make the kitchen look like a storage room or garage.

Has anyone seen this done or has done it, can you offer any insight as to what this may end up looking like when done?

Thank you very much for any input!

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Sophie Wheeler

If you have 10' ceilings, then you have 66" of space above the standard bottom alignment of cabinets, which is 54" above the finished floor. 30's on top of 30's would be a disproportionate stack, and have a top heavy feeling even though the cabinets would be the same size.

You could do 18"s on top, with 6" of crown and have 12" of space to the ceiling, or you could do 15"s with 6" of crown and have 15" of space to the ceiling.

If you truly want cabinets "to the ceiling" then the lower cabinet size has to increase to be able to work visually.

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I'm not sure I understand holly springs response. We are considering a similar 30/30 stack, how would that be disproportionate? In addition, the 30 lines up great with the top of a built in fridge at 84". In theory at least.

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Sophie Wheeler

The ideal proportion are 2/3 and 1/3. The top cabinet needs to be smaller, or it doesn't work visually. It feels top hevy. It's about proportion, which is one of the key principles of design.

See the difference. The builder's kitchen tried to use stock cabinets to create a custom look and it fails. It's too visually top heavy.

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That helped a TON. Thanks for the visuals. I will be going with a 1/3 and 2/3 split as a result.

I owe you.

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I've been looking at so many pictures lately, I can't seem to find what I'm looking for when I try to go back to it, but if you still want to fill the space above the two cabinets, I recently saw a DIY wood soffit with crown that looked really good (not your typical 90's drywall soffit that sticks out a bit), it was similar to the bottom picture hollysprings posted with the small portion of wall above the cabinets. I'll keep an eye out for the post, I think it was on a blog somewhere, but it's something you might consider. I like cabinets to the ceiling, too. I think keeping it simple above the cabinet helps draw the eye back down in the spirit of the 2/3 to 1/3 proportion while closing up the dust trap and giving you the clean look you're going for.

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It would be a lot of work, but an idea I heard floated elsewhere is to take the existing cabinets and raise them 12", and that space which is filled in by a band of open shelving, then the new uppers to fill in up to the ceiling are 18" or better yet 15" + 3" of cornice/crown, etc.

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Wow, holly springs, I know not what you were illustrating, but any info on the chairs in first photo?

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