Inexpensive Kitchen Redesign Suggestions

peacepodJanuary 5, 2011


First time here. I am hoping some time in the distant future to slowly redesign/remodel my kitchen (and the rest of the house) with as small a budget as is humanly possible.

I have what I think is an American foursquare, 1234 sq-ft approx.

and this is the crudely drawn lower level. box next to fridge is a chimney/furnace vent stack.

kitchen is maybe 10x9 (or maybe 10x11).

The drawing looks more spacious than the kitchen really is.

there seems to be so many openings/doors and my brain isn't creative enough to figure out how to get around them.

The space between the stove corner and counter corner will only allow one set of carefully, slightly turned hips.

Here is a link that might be useful: lower level with kitchen

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You definitely have a 4square, however, the link to the drawing requires some kind of security/password access. Can't see it.

I like the outside of your house!

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Oops. ok let me give it another try.

Thanks! that's the pic from the appraiser. it hasn't changed much in the last few years except for handrails on the porch steps.

Sooo much work to be done. :-(

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If you post your question in the Kitchen forum you will get lots of help.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen Forum - Gardenweb

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it's a galley. keep it like that. Two parallel counters.

Easiest thing to do is to make a bigger counter on the long wall. Bigger in terms of the dimension front to back, which they call depth. A deeper counter. Ikea wood counter is inexpensive.

I'll assume the sink is somewhere along that long wall.

Move the DR door and you'll get more counter space next to the stove.

Move the fridge to the long wall (in the corner) and you get a few advantages. One is that you free up more space at the cooking counter. Another is that the central triangle is bigger, more in the range of 15' to 16' (ideal). Today it looks like it's in the range of 12' to 14' since the fridge is near the stove. Another advantage is that the normal depth of a fridge is far greater than 26", so today it sticks out in the middle, but in that far corner it won't be a problem. With a deeper counter (1 inch or 2 or 3), you get an even better starting point for a typical fridge depth. Another advantage is that you get to have a little gap between the exterior wall and the fridge, instead of having a tightly fitted kitchen (costs more to plan and build). In that spacer gap you hide your brooms, swiffers and other long poles.

Build a thin pullout for that far corner and you will have done one more little DIY project. Or a pullout pantry

When you replace the counter on the long wall, you can do it with a single straight piece, no turning the corner. Add an unfitted table to fill the corner. Ikea again. Something like this : BEKVÃÂM Kitchen cart $60 or this: FÃÂRHÃÂJA Kitchen cart $100


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idrive - Ok. I'll post it over there.

davidrol - ah, great ideas. yes there is a sink and window (forgot to draw that in) along the long counter

However there is no counter where the fridge and stove are indicated. It was just space. So the kitchen is technically more of an 'L' in terms of counterspace.

hmmm, I think I see the vision starting form from your idea. I had also thought of keeping the fridge where it is but moving the stove to the short arm part of the counter. It would eat up valuable counterspace but at least allow someone to enter the kitchen without knocking pots off the stove as they come in.

I love that 2nd cart.

but as I think more moving the fridge like you said maybe better as it will also allow me to open that opposite space.

Thanks!!! Great ideas!

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Two parallel counters with no corners is lower cost to buy and to install. Adding a solid corner return piece does not increase the functionality. It barely increases storage, so it's not worth it for that reason.

Do not move the drain plumbing.

You will have to upgrade electrical to meet code today.

Another advantage of the galley layout is that you can install a kitchen exhaust hood above your cooking counter. Since that counter is boxed in a little bit by the chimney, it's a natural advantage in keeping greasy steamy air in that alcove, containing it before it gets sucked outdoors by the fan. Otherwise, in a more open area, cross currents can carry greasy air far away. Installing a vent/hood/exhaust is a low cost DIY project that increases value and improves your lifestyle. You can buy an inline fan from the manufacturer and build your own hood. Then, the blower noise is not in the kitchen; it's in the attic in the exhaust conduit.

Lucky you, you are coming into kitchen renovation just when induction cooktops are now available at about the same price as all other kinds of cooktops.

Drawers in base cabinets can be had at a good price.


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Ah! Did not know that about the cost factor of a corner.

Yes, I fully intend to keep the sink as is.

My electric is HORRENDOUS! so yes I will have to upgrade the whole house. it's like they put standard switchplates to cover the crummy wiring behind it. 1 outlet per room except for the kitchen, dining & living rooms which thankfully has 2 but my goodness

Good idea for the hood and chimney vent.

Thanks davidrol. I've been cursing at the house for so long but now I'm trying to have a more positive outlook about it.

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to be more accurate, I'll say you could move the sink but not by a lot. A couple factors depend.

post again in the kitchen forum.

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