Living room decor - help *with pics*

ash8177June 8, 2012

Ok, here is the living room from as many different angles I could get a shot from and the furniture I want to try to arrange somehow in hopes it will look ok:

Don't mind the mid-demo kitchen. :p

Anyway, some things to note...

I love the rug! I wonder if it's too big for the space though? I don't know if I should turn it so it's centered width wise in front of the fireplace, ykwim? but I would love to make it work somehow!

I am replacing the fan with an empire style crystal chandelier. I already have the chandelier, I just have to wait for dh to hang it.

The fire place poker set and the screen I'll be replacing with brass..

The two chairs with caining, and the one with needlepoint really don't have to stay. I like them but could find other homes for them.

I would really like to keep the game table and chairs (there are 4, one's not in the pic) but once I have the rest of the room how I want it I will choose a fabric that matches nicely with the rest of the decor and reupholster the chairs or make slip covers. I love this table for the kids to sit and do school or for family night playing board games and doing puzzles, ect. The table lowers so it could double as a coffee table in front of the sofa.. the styles are quite different so I don't know how that would look.

Window treatments are in the rooms future. Suggestions welcome!

Hmm.. what else?

Pictures can be moved too.. I don't think I like how those two dark wood with blue matting prints are hung one on top of another.

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Unfortunately the only thing that doesn't seem to work in the room are the game table & chairs. Is there any way you can sell them or use them in another room, while buying a rectangle table and straight back chairs?

Or just replace the chairs? My eye's go directly to them because they're too big for the room.

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I don't have to keep them.. if the consensus is.. they won't work, I'll get them out of there. :)


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I had the opposite reaction to the game table and chairs. I think they're really nice and would be great in the corner -- Move the low bookshelf out of the room's back right corner and put the table there. I think the caned chairs are too delicate to stand up to that substantial sofa, and aren't very comfortable for seating, either.

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Could you take a few more photos of both spaces -- the main room AND the front room?

a)Which room do you use more frequently?

b)Could you "flip" the rooms -- and move the more the delicate sofa and small table to the front room -- and create a "sitting room" -- and use the larger space for a "family room"?? Just a thought!

c)I do agree about the spindly woven-seat chairs -- perhaps you might move those to bedroom corners -- or elsewhere in your home? Look for a sitting chair that is similar in style -- and "bulk" to your Empire sofa.

d)Yes -- another vote to move the game table and chairs into the corner -- and remove the bookcase (for now).

e) The very modern leather armchair visually "intrudes" into the current set-up ..... that is why I suggest switching the two spaces .... OR if you must leave the two rooms AS IS -- then add a standing three panel screen on the right-hand side of the fireplace to "hide" the more modern room .....

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Just a thought, but what if the game table moved to the corner and the "spindly" chairs replaced the chairs currently around the game table? Put the sofa directly in front of the fireplace (a little off the wall) with the coffee table in front.

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Another vote to move the game table to the corner. If there was room, I would remove the table on the right (or maybe try it by the fireplace), put the game table in the left corner and move the secretary to the right hand corner to give more visual balance to the heavy sofa. The candles over the fireplace are pretty, but they fight with the picture.

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I would remove the bookcase and put the game table in the corner with the comfortable, non-spindley chairs. You want people to be comfortable sitting there. Then I would move the couch off the angle and float it facing the fireplace, centered, with the front feet on the rug and the back feet off. Put the marble top table in front to use as a coffee table. I don�t feel that the spindly wood chairs add good seating - I�d find other homes for them.

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I didn't even think about moving the game table to the corner. Glad there are other eyes here! lol.

I still think the chairs are too big for the room, but if you do keep them, putting new fabric on them will look great. But keep them for now and down the road you can figure out if they take up too much space.

The cane chairs are darling, and I'd tuck them around various places in the house. We do that with some antique DR chairs and I'll set a plant or pillow on them.

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Okay, this might not work at all, but thinking outside of the box...

what if you put the game table and chairs right smack in the middle of the room in front of the fireplace? Then moved the sofa to the corner where the low bookshelf is now and angled it so it is facing towards the middle of the room (with the window next to the fireplace behind it). Move the bookshelf under the kitchen pass-through and either flank it with large plants or eventually find a longer bookshelf to take up more of the space.

This way, you break up the two adjoining rooms' sitting areas with the table, and allow more direct conversation between the kitchen and the goings-on in the living room...

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My first thought too was the game table over in the corner where that low bookshelf is and couch facing fireplace.

My next try would be game table in the center of the room and the sofa under that window where the secretary and low book shelf are and play around with the arrangement or angle of secretary.

I myself have would have to move the furniture and see it in real life, I'm not a person who can visualize in my head.

Plus it's hard to tell unless you are actually in the space.

Move the furniture and then post some updates...most importantly though, have fun with it :-)

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My inclination was to move the game table kitty corner in the right corner of the room but now I hope Les chimes in as no one can plan a room like she can. What I do know is there's not enough texture and accessories. You need some softness and window treatment etc. will do that.

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Thanks for all the suggestions.

What about this arrangement?

Sorry I don't have time this morning to respond to question or add more detail.

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Well done!! An excellent transformation! :)

Yes -- the games table looks much more cozy and settled in the corner ...! :)

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I think I like teacat"s idea of swapping the rooms. The couch seems to delicate for this rustic looking room.
Keep the game table in the corner, but move the leather furniture into this room.
You can create an L-shape with the leather sofa and loveseat, with the love seat to the right when facing the fireplace. This will divide the two tooms. Maybe put a table behind it.

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Swapping the rooms is a pretty good idea. The only thing I'm not sure about is putting a flat screen over the mantel. Dh would not go for watching tv on that dainty sofa, plus there wouldn't be enough seating for our whole family. I'd have to move the tv. I'll run it by dh and see what he thinks.

I need help with adding texture either way though, for both rooms. Should I start a new thread for that? I have no idea what fabric to choose for the chairs and what kind of window treatments to go with.

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I like the room how you have it now, with the game table in the corner. I wouldn't switch don't want the TV in the same room as the "homework" table. Put your tall lamp back on the bookcase and it looks very nice.

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I also like teacats suggestion of swapping the rooms over and moving the more delicate furniture to the other room as a sitting room, while bringing the leather sofa into this room. You wouldn't have to put the tv above the mantel because it looks like there's enough wall space around this room to put the tv elsewhere.

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