Interior Load-Bearing Wall under W-Truss Roof ??

mwestra1January 24, 2007

How common is it to find an interior load bearing wall under a W-Truss roof? I'd like to remove a 6ft section of wall between my Living Room and Kitchen/Dining Room. My house was built in 1976, is 24x48ft, and has a simple truss roof, 4:12 pitch and gable ends. Removing the wall would create a 14x24ft open room.

My roof trusses (above and perpendicular to the wall I want to remove) are a standard Fink/W design. The bottom chord on a Fink truss is not a continuous 2x4 -- it's 2 pieces spliced together slightly off center. My bottom chords consist of a 10ft long 2x4 and a 14ft long 2x4 spliced together by galvanized braces. On some of the trusses, that splice is resting on the wall I want to remove. On other trusses, the bottom chord splice is floating above openings where there is no wall underneath. In other word, there are some trusses that span the entire 24' wide house with no wall under them, and there are others that have wall under them. As far as I can see in the attic with the insulation removed, all the trusses are exactly the same.

So what's the probability that this 6ft section of wall is load bearing? Theoretically, there are no interior load bearing walls below a roof built with standard W-trusses. The exterior walls support the weight of the roof. Is it a common thing to find interior load-bearing walls under a simple W-truss roof?


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with your trusses spanning the exterior walls for the full run of the house, no interior walls will be load bearing.The splices on trusses are engineered to be self supportive according to the plate sizing.The fact that they land over an interior wall has nothing to do with that wall being load bearing.Trusses are engineered to span exterior wall to exterior wall self supporting. For peace of mind, an evaluation by a structural engineer would be money well spent in the event that you have a circumstance that im not getting by reading your post.

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