GR8Dane's Kitchen Remodel (w/Pics)

GR8DaneJanuary 3, 2011

Hi All.

I've been lurking and making my first post as we start on our remodel. Here are the latest drafts of the cabinet plans. They are modifying them today to show everything as fully integrated along with a few other changes which I'll post up soon. I welcome any feedback you all may have or helpful insights as we get started. Hopefully they'll start fabrication on the cabinets on Friday of this week. From Kitchen Plans v1 From Kitchen Plans v1 From Kitchen Plans v1 From Kitchen Plans v1 From Kitchen Plans v1 From Kitchen Plans v1 From Kitchen Plans v1 From Kitchen Plans v1

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I almost forgot to post to before photos, so I'll get them uploaded shortly. In the meantime, here is our appliance selection. We've decided to go fully integrated on the fridge and dishwasher. If you had asked me if it was even possible to drop 20k on appliances I would have never agreed, yet here I am. Hopefully they'll turn out great and last us 20 years.

Fridge: 42" Jenn Air built-in, no dispenser. We chose this model over the sub-zero because we loved the bottom freezer configuration.
Range: Wolf 36", red knob, griddle option on top
Dishwasher: Asco XXL 5233
Microwave: Viking VMOS200SS with trim kit
Hood: 42" Best PIK33 with baffle filters and 1200 cfm remote blower From Kitchen Appliances From Kitchen Appliances From Kitchen Appliances From Kitchen Appliances From Kitchen Appliances

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Here are a few before photos. Our plans are to leave the red oak flooring and replace all of the cabinets with a dark cherry that is more of a dark brown with just a hint of red. They are not very cherry. From Kitchen Before From Kitchen Before From Kitchen Before From Kitchen Before From Kitchen Before

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Just wanted to suggest that you might wish to also post this in the Kitchens forum, as that forum tends to get a LOT more traffic than this one. There are some very helpful posters there who have a wealth of knowledge and are very generous to share w/ and help others.

Good luck on your remodel. We are hoping to get our estimate back soon on our kitchen remodel and, assuming the numbers look okay (ha!), get started ASAP.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchens Forum

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I agree that you might want to post this layout over at the kitchens forum.

First some questions. How many cooks are there typically? Do you bake often? How many kids do you have? Ages? Do they help in the kitchen? Would you like them to? Are you planning stools for the overhang?

Couple of critiques, but without knowing answers to the above questions, these may or may not apply.

I'd like to see a prep sink in the island. Most of cooking is prep work, ideally that would be done at the island vs facing a wall. Currently the island serves as a "barrier island." It is between the frig and sink. Imagine making a stir fry. You grab the veg from the frig, have to go around the island and anyone sitting there to get to the sink, back to the island to chop, back to the frig, sink, island, range. You'd be running in circles possibly with stools in the way. Putting a prep sink in also would seperate the cook zone from the cleanup zone so that 2 or more people could work simultaneously.

I'd like to see the island cabinets face the frig side of the room. Grab stuff from frig, pivot, deposit on island, prep with tools in drawers facing that direction, step to range.

I'm not sure that your aisle width as drawn could support stools, regardless. If you need stools at the island, I'd like to see it drawn with a deeper overhang on the eating side of the kitchen with a couple of stools tucked under. Stools in a work aisle, particularly backing up to a frig, can be a clusterf*!@

These are just a couple of quick critiques. If you post over at the Kitchens forum, add in measurements for aisle widths, etc.

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