buteau3rdAugust 12, 2011

Has anyone ever found a way to watch a tutorial without all the pauses? They get me crazy before I even get the gist of what they are showing.

Impatient Marge

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Start it playing, then walk away until it plays all the way through (with all the pauses). Then come back and replay it. Once it's loaded it should play through for you without pausing.

Second option: get a high speed line.


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Kate's right, that pausing has to do with the speed of your input. Just be patient.

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On one of my older computers, I find closing all other programs & windows - deleting the cookies and cache & sometimes even restarting the computer helps. I am on Fios - very fast - but the older computer's memory contributes to the problem. It helped when I increased the memory, but now it is maxed out.
It is frustrating! Some are worse than others.

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We have a network in the house and DH's was an older computer, but the main one. I quit even trying to watch the videos. His computer finally broke (thank goodness lol!!!!) and now he has Windows 7. I have XP and now I can watch them but some will freeze, nothing as bad as before. On his no probs at all!!!!!

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magothyrivergirl....Your suggestion helped so much.....although my computer is less than a year old, it must be my wifi. I did clean it up though, and it did help.

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I am glad I helped! Sometimes it takes a non - technie to suggest the simple stuff -lol.
When I first got my Mac - I had no idea I needed to do those two things regularly. You will be amazed how much it helps clearing the cache & cookies daily.
I also suggest you check your internet speed and make sure you are getting close to the downloads & uploads speeds you are paying for. I've linked to one below - there are others free to use as well.

Here is a link that might be useful: Speedtest

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I have wifi in my house and when my connection speed seems too slow, I will reset my router. To simply do that is to unplug the power supply to the back and wait around 10 seconds, then plug it back in and let it reset itself. Walla! Fast internet again!


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