Slant the shower bench?

jewelisfabulousJanuary 21, 2014

In our bath remodel, the granite deck surrounding the tub will continue into the shower to create a bench (similar to the photo - just pretend the tile surrounding the tub is actually granite). Our contractor is suggesting we slightly slant the granite that forms the bench so that the water from the shower will drip off. To do this, we'll need to create a seam at the point the tub decking ends and the shower bench begins. Otherwise, the granite would be continuous from the tub surround into the shower with no seam.

I'm really not crazy about creating the seam. Is it such a bad thing if water from the shower pools on top of the granite bench?

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I wouldn't want the seam either. Just squeegee the bench or wipe with a towel each time you shower.

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My shower bench is tiled and no issues with water pooling. I do squeegee the shower when I'm done but DH does not.

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Have your granite fabricator taper the granite on his CNC machine and repolish it. You'll both get what you want, the water evacuates and the granite stays one piece.

The bench should evacuate.

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Trebruchet -- when you've seen this done, is the slant visibly noticeable?

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It's the kind of thing that if you're looking for it you will see it, but isn't obvious.

It's like when I fix a cracked countertop, I tell the customer they will always be able to see the repair because they know where to look. Someone who buys their home will probably never find it.

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Fair enough! Thanks for your help!

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