Are you in love? With (another) house?

stinky-gardenerJune 8, 2012

NHB's thread made me wonder, are any of the rest of us "hooked on houses" people smitten with a particular property at the moment? I think many of us look at real estate listings pretty often, even if we're not actually "in the market!"

There's one that I find lovable! It would be a five minute walk to both my sister's houses. The neighborhood is lovely (my niece says the air smells better there!) and the interior of the house is well-taken care of and imo, gorgeous. There's also a stunning water view.

Here's a link to my latest infatuation....please share yours!

Here is a link that might be useful: Loving that house

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I haven't found another whole house I'm in love with, but I've found rooms or parts of houses I'm in love with for sure. I guess if I could start building my house all over again I certainly would do some things differently but overall I like my house, even 13 years later. BTW, stinky, that is a stunning property! I'm not into 2-story colonials, but it is a beauty.

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Thanks for looking, Outsideplaying! I'm liking my house more and more really, after six years of moaning and groaning (I won't use the the most accurate word to describe what I do, but it starts with a B and ends with an H!) Mostly I whine that my house is in a *development* has *plastic* siding and so forth. It's proven to be a very livable house though. I enjoy my yard, it is a convenient location and we've made changes inside & out that have added to its livability, visual appeal and functionality.

The house I linked is such a classic beauty though! While it's very close to my family, living there would more than double dh's commute time, adding grisly tunnel traffic and interstate driving to his day. He works a lot & keeps a demanding schedule. I hate the idea of adding that to the mix. (But it sure is purdy!)

Oh, how I do go on. Whoever's listening...thanks!

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I live in a 12 yr. old New Englander in a nice subdivision with large lots and where there is some distinction among the house styles. The location and size suits our lifestyle and I am grateful to have it.

Five yrs. ago we built a lakehouse where we'll (hopefully...someday..) spend our retirement. It was built to be the family gathering spot and to require minimum maintenance (vinyl shingles vs. cedar, etc.) Again, I appreciate that we finally got to build this - after 30 yrs. of dreaming, working and planning for it.

But, my real dreamhouse, the style that makes my heart beat faster when I pass one, is a small bungalow-style house. There's one near my Mom's that has a rounded fieldstone base around the porch. It appears to have been lovingly restored.

DH loves big, open spaces with high ceilings. I gravitate to nooks and cubbies. Our homes represent a compromise of our styles as well as providing room for visiting friends and family. But I'd still love to live in a bungalow.

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No, I'm not. I don't look at listings unless I'm looking for a friend, etc. HOWEVER, I am following somewhat along behind amck. We have recently been thinking about lake living. We spend alot of time at the lake as it is. Who knows??!!


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Never, unless I'm relocating (too frequent). Even then, my sis helps as she LOVES looking at houses.

Stinky - LOVELY!!!

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A fall in and out of love with other houses periodically. I have a blog on MCM in my area, so I try to stay apprised of the listings. Sometimes I get fixated on one!

Recently I fell for one that was four doors down from a 1929 Tudor bungalow that was my first house. It was a little MCM house that had been plopped into the neighborhood and it was just adorable. But there were plenty of reasons we left that neighborhood when we did and why we are better off where we are. I actually found myself thinking "well, in 30 years when I'm an old widow woman, maybe it would be a good place for me. . ."

How crazy is that?

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This is a house DH and I always liked. It is a BARGAIN for this area, but it still needs a lot of work, you can even see that from the photos. It's been a private residence, then commercial space, and then trying to convert back to private home. Obviously the hideous tub needs to come out!

There is another house around the corner from here that was also a "dream home" but since that's not for sale, I won't post it. When we looked at it before we were married, it was awesome. Then whoever bought it "updated" it, and it was for sale again. However, we felt it had lost its charm.

Maybe someday we'll actually get one of these homes.

However, since we got back from San Francisco, the Victorians are probably the real dream homes if we could ever relocate.

Here is a link that might be useful: Favorite house

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Amck, I can see why you'd gravitate toward a bungalow. I like those too! Since you love cozy, charming, warm spaces, they kind of epitomize that look and atmosphere. Our hearts can be tugged by certain things even when we recognize that what we have is quite nice! Your full-time house sounds very nice and your lake retreat sounds just lovely. Glad you & your dh find ways of working around diverse preferences.

Tina, I think that idea is a keeper! One day we'll be seeing pics of your lakeside house for sure.

Javachick that's quite sane of you. I think you need to stay put in more moving!

Jakabedy, that's nice to hear. So I'm not the only one! Doesn't sound crazy to project 30 years ahead! You've got to retire somewhere!

OMG, gsciencechick, knock me over with a feather! That house is SO cute!!! & look at that pricetag! I swear, NC has a bevy of real estate bargains, and charm? So charming. Drool. Coming from SF you must feel like you've died and gone to heaven when you see these prices. I'd feel like a dog between a tree and a fire hydrant!(Sorry for the crude analogy!)

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i'm in love with this property.
the house is a smallish split level, but with time and $$$$ i could make it spectacular.

i adore my current bedroom and would have to take the three bdrms in this house to make my perfect space. (all rooms on left over the garage) plus add around a dozen windows,lol.

am trying to wrap my brain around selling this place for way low simply to get into the pond house.
gulp. i may do it!

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Many many houses!!! LOL!!!

-- I do spend lots of time on looking at older homes in cities and towns throughout the U.S.

So very fascinating to see all of the different styles of houses and gardens at all kinds of price ranges -- and how folks have re-done them ....

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I am sure (expensive) therapy can cure your wandering eye :)

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Stinky, your yard is so gorgeous I can't see how you could bear to leave it. But it might be fun to start over and be near your sisters.

I must be one of those who never look at other homes, I want to die here! (someday :-)

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This is a terrible affliction of mine. And a long standing one. When I first learned how to drive, one of my favorite things to do with my bff was drive around neigborhoods. We called it "house drooling". I was reading AD in middle school.

Even my first apt, had character and charm and was unusual. I never lived anywhere ordinary, if you kwim (even when i was a student). It was always important to me that where i lived was interesting and attractive. Even if it might be small or dangerous!

I am always always always looking at listings. In fact, as ive oft told, it was only because I came across our current house on the internet that we up and moved to a place where we knew no one, with 3 young kids.

We also bought our lakehouse after seeing it online. In order to seem responsible, we looked at three others but before we pulled out of our driveway we knew which one we'd buy.

Once we were able to consider living outside NYC because we no longer worked there, I seriously considered moving to places as different as Portland, Ore, Coral Gables, FL, and Williamsburg, MA. I fell in love with many a house in each!

I think about getting a NYC pied a tere, or a New England beachhouse. And I have fallen in love with houses from Tribeca to Dumbo, and Kennebunkport to Cape Anne.

I love the WSJ's House of the Day, and it leaves me wondering why, maybe, we shouldnt just pick up and live in Provence?

I will say this, remember when they made fun of John McCain for not knowing if he had 6 or 7 houses? I totally get it. If i had that beer empire money, Id buy 7. At least.

I even have to say, I adore our home, but now that is done, i do find myself game for doing another one.
I need counselling ...

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S-G, I am envisioning my clawfoot tub in there! I see that is pending, but if it weren't, gosh I'd tell DH we'd have to go look at it. However, it probably needs $100K worth of work. But it's in a great area, walkable to restaurants, etc., and close to downtown and public transit.

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I don't even think about looking at the RE listings for some reason even though I'm always interested in posts on GW about houses for sale. I do sometimes dream about owning one of the pre-war Tudor houses in my home town.

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I have been ogling this house ever since we moved to this area. It's finally on the market but we're not going anywhere. This will give you some idea of how crazy prices are in our area. This yard is not nearly as huge as it looks in the photo, and it's on a busy street. I haven't been inside, but I heard the bedrooms upstairs are cramped and awkward. But I still adore the house!

My dream house is a bungalow too, amck. I don't think it's gonna happen, though. Our next house will be an empty-nester condo!

Here is a link that might be useful: Neat house

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Sueb20, that is amazing! I love the kitchen and bath in that home. Oh, that console sink in the bath is to die for. I could just move right in. I'd never leave the bathroom.

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Fallingwaters, that's a pretty great house already! I can understand the temptation.

Teacats, I even get weekly e-mails from real estate firms in other states! Glad to hear I'm in good company!

Pharoah, LOL!

Thanks so much, Bumblebeez! Nice of you to say that. I think it's fantastic that you have found your true home & have no desire to leave.

Mtn, such an interesting story! Houses clearly play a large role in your life; in expressing your creativity. There's a connection for you there, I can sense it, that goes beyond mere "real estate" issues. Your heart and soul & intuition guide you. I loved reading about your journey with're so passionate.

Gsciencechick, I didn't realize a sale was pending. Boo hoo. Well, the area has many terrific houses and you'll certainly come across another with as much, if not more charm! Good luck with your house hunt. I'm so excited for you. Hang on to that claw foot tub...!

Fun2B, that's quite level headed of you! A Tudor house CAN make my mind wander and wonder, too! Pretty!

O-M-G, Sue, you are EVIL! LOL! That house is too much cuteness in one place. I can see why you adore it and ogle it, my gosh! So would I. I'd probably have to have my dh hold me back from ringing the bell and demanding a tour! It's pricey, sure, but I know your neck of the woods is. At least for the money someone will be getting something extra special...a real gem.

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Gsciencechick, I hear ya!

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Oh yes. And its enduring love. I still dream of this house regularly.

When we were looking 3+ years ago we came across our dream home in a central suburb of our city. It was an exceptionally good copy of a FLW type bungalow. Reminded of the 'house' (wasn't a real house I know) in North by Northwest with Cary Grant. It took my breath away. But the neighbourhood, while centrally located, was car dependent. Other than hospitals, there was no where to walk to. I'm too urban I guess, so we stayed in our 'hood full of Victorian era housing, where we can easily walk to work, shops, rivers, parks and markets.

Location. location. location won the day ... but I'll always love that suburban house. It was also twice+ the size of our current house and at least triple the lot size... sigh. But size doesn't matter, right?

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I will always have a place for the 1810, two long-term-owner house with all original footprint, and no plumbing in the main house. I offered and they took a different offer.

It is ceasing to exist, as I saw a notice of demolition for the back ell of the house. (Probably for new kitchen, baths, stairs, etc.) It will never be the same house again after 198 years of hardly a change.

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I can see why that house would be a favorite. Such charm. I would go for that over the comparable new construction stuff with crown molding all over and those big empty foyers. This home feels like it has a story!

That curb appeal shot is very well edited -- it looks like Disney! I like the exterior paint palette. I also like Gothic but I was under contact on a Victorian once and the realtor told me Gothic and Victorian have a narrow appeal and can be hard to sell?
What is so useful today is the google mapping. When you see the satellite image, the impression of expansiveness is quickly debunked. Goodness! The word shoe horn comes to mind.

I love the kitchen floor, and the use of table instead of island. I dont like the sherbet tones on the first floor rooms, esp as one leads into another. The bathrooms are great. I love the pink (red??) toile BR.

What are the things that look like to oversized doghouses?

StinkyG, I think you are right, it is a form of expression to decorate a home. For those of us who have no talent for greater forms of art, I guess it is some satisfaction!

Pal, Oh, that is sad. Are there still photos on the internet? Im always so tickled when I find photos of a house ive admired.

I wonder if we could parlay house drooling into a GW feature. Like the challenges only easier. We could provide a make believe occupant(s), budget and MSA, and then each of us chooses the home off the internet that we would want under those constraints.

I think though that would not be good therapy for my sickness....

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I fall in love all the time! I did love my last house, but it was big, and costly, and far from work, so we sold it and downsized and started a family. The house we have now is OK, the lot is great, and the commute is comparatively a breeze for me. I doubt we will move but a girl can dream. A house around the corner from us is for sale> we offered on it years ago. It hs been neglected all this time and they have dropped the price by $150k the last month or so. It is now $150k for a 6200sqft house. Crazy.

But this one has my heart. I am totally in love with this house. I think I would build the same thing if I could. Just a few more bedrooms. :) the setting is amazing and I love that they used old materials.

Here is a link that might be useful: In case it is not clickable - LOVE this house

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I know Warwick! Cute lil' town. I think we stopped there for dinner once on the way to our lakehouse, (Iron Forge Inn?).

I actually thought the "LOVE this house" one was old! I thought that was why the price was so low. I was amazed at the condition inside, until I saw it is 1980s. That stone sure is pretty. Kitchen seems oddly small. I think there is perhaps too much stone; it feels a little like Epcot-like to me. ANd they got the windows all wrong, imho. Quite a setting, though. I'm sure you could make it perfect!

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I am. I would love a spanish house with a big center courtyard, decorated in the spanish colonial style.

There are a lot of spanish houses where I live, but mine isn't one of them. Sometimes I wish I could buy one, and get rid of most of my stuff and start over in this style (not overdoing it). I just love it.

But I'm happy with what I have, too.

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I confess.
My DH and I have fallen in love with a house that isn't for sale, and of which I have no's on a circular street hidden away from the mainstream but moments from everywhere, and most of the houses are fine estate houses on multiple acres built between the '20s and the '40s. But this house, which was originally the studio of a famous landscape architect who lived in one of the grand ones, is a simple, L-shaped, open plan, smooth stucco house, with scads of long French windows and a garden that opens out to a view of the river in the distance.
Probably never to be, but in my dreams.....

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this is DD2s new house!

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sorry for the HUGE picture. it was my first attempt at posting a picture. DD2 just bought this house outside San Diego. I cannot wait to go out to see it!

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Bronwynsmom, that sounds amazing!

JennaVA, your daughter's house looks like it is out of a storybook! How charming. SO glad you posted!

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There are so many different styles of house that I love, I wish I could just keep buying houses forever and ever! This is one I came across the other day- I think it is in a terrible area because look how cheap it is for all you get!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Gothic Revival

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I agree, JennaVA, that is adorable!

S-G, DH drove past the house on the way home.

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Thanks SG, and gsciencechick.... it DOES remind of a fairy tale cottage huh? hope you don't mind, i will post a pic of the back yard next.... The whole upper floor is a master suite and there is an apartment (they call it a 'granny flat' out there) in the basement. House is much bigger than it seems.

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sorry, i cannot seem to figure this out. FIrst, I get the pictures too big, then I forget to put a comment. This is my DD2s backyard.

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Gsciencechick, maybe you & your dh will hit the "open houses" this weekend? Keep us posted!

JennaVA, what a cute backyard! I bet your DD is going to really enjoy this house, inside & out! When you go visit her, please take more pics & post those! Btw, I don't think your pics are too big. Many people here post pics that size.

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thanks, StinkyG, I will be happy to take more pictures when I get there. I am trying to help her pick paint colors, etc, from 3000 miles away.... lol...

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I fall in love with a number of houses several times a week. My favorite thing to do when we travel is to find neighborhoods with striking houses & photograph them. I love all kinds of styles.

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ARGH, the website is updated that the house is sold. Oh well, we will "love the house we're in" which is the motto of RetroRenovation.

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Beagles, I think that is my problem. We don't always dress in the same style, why should we live in the same style. I'd like to try one in each genre.

JennVa, that tree alone is worth it! Oh my! I would have an arborist check it one a month! It is so fabulou! And perfect with the home. It looks like a great place to be a kid. Or a bohemian!

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Beagles it's not in a particularly bad area as far as I know, but the entire city is kind of depressed, and I don't know that there is a lot of draw to someone who can Sustain a house like that. Plus the taxes are really high.

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mtnrdredux me too! And every time I see a pretty room, I think "I want to put that in my house." But unfortunately, my house would have to be about a zillion square feet and it would be quite a hodgepodge to put all the pretty rooms that exist in one house (and that house would need 200 sunrooms and libraries plus, an ocean and mountain and city view). Pinterest and Houzz are the worst- it's like handing the keys to the pharmacy to an addict but telling them they can only look!

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Beagles, I missed that! Wow! Over 8,000 sq. ft. and all those details! That is a lot of house for the money, and as Pal noted, a lot of upkeep! Taxes are a little over $12,000. That's high imo too! I looked up Sue's posted house on zillow & saw the taxes for it are $16,000 a year! Yikes!

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In my hometown of Buffalo, you can get some really cool homes for very little money. BUT taxes are also high. This one has a price of $299K but the taxes are $12K.

Here is a link that might be useful: cool Victorian in Buffalo

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Yes, Gsciencechick, love where you are & one with your name on it will come along.

You are surrounded by great houses at great prices in a pretty area that is loaded with cultural & educational opportunities & so much beauty. Enjoy!

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Amazing, GSC! Again, a LOT of house for the money & a striking house at that, w/sky-high taxes! Snows one heck of a lot in Buffalo too! I lived in Rochester for 2.5 years. Beautiful area, really, really nice people, but way too much snow for me!!!

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DH is originally from Chicago. We are not eager to move to really cold weather to either Chicago or Buffalo despite closeness to family. It gets hot here in the Carolinas, but we don't have to shovel heat!

Buffalo has *amazing* architecture, including some FLW homes. See below for where we had our wedding in Buffalo. It was July, so it was a beautiful day.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mansion on Delaware

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If y'all are really seriously interested in the house that is listed as "sold", you might consider giving the realtor a call and at least just giving him/her your contact info in the event that something falls through. You never know... Besides, can't hurt :-)

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DH did email the realtor. We'll see if we hear from him. But in the time that we emailed, the house was updated as "sold". However, DH found no information in the tax listings, etc., that would indicate that it closed.

There is no way we could otherwise get in this neighborhood at this price point, especially for a house we've always liked. If the renovations are cosmetic vs. structural, that is a huge difference.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I'm not in love with a particular house, but a location for sure. If I ever win mega millions (lotto isn't enough by far!) I'd buy a place in Manalapan....inland waterway to the west, atlantic ocean and beautiful beach to the east. But lots alone go for millions. I've walked that beach many times over 50 years and it's still one of the best stretches of beach in the country....miles of sand, few people, no rocks. Sigh.

Next time I find myself with $19 million lying around, I might consider something like this one. Hah!

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I'm in love w/ pretty much any house that is not mine. I am a Serial Decorator and see potential anywhere I look.

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Annie, I'll keep my fingers crossed!

Foxy, that's funny! I know you DO see potential...that's a gift!

Here's my current house:

See what I mean? (you can be honest.) I previously had a brick, circa 1920 house in another state, which was stately and extremely well\-built with all the usual features that say "character & charm" in houses of that vintage. After 13 years of worrying myself sick about what "could" go wrong (though not much ever did) when we relocated to VA, I decided the next house needed to be newer. I think my thinking was in error.

This 1987 abode has meant lots of updating, & there's plenty of maintanence here too. This month I must have some rotten wood replaced again (humidity here is brutal to wood!)

I bought in 2006, so I paid handsomely for the house also! Have put more money into pavers, kitchen, complete large bath remodel, tile floor in smaller bath, lots of pro painting, wood replacement, etc.

I've beaten myself up about buying my "charmless" house & wondered, "What was I thinking?" Was I thinking?

Having said all those nasty I said earlier, the house has been a nice place to live in many ways. I do like our changes. I do enjoy our yard. The paver patio makes my heart sing. Love the bath we created. The kitchen, while still small, has more charm & beauty now, imo. We are in a convenient location. 98% of my neighbors keep up with their properties. There are positives for sure.

But would I be smarter to sell & buy the one in the listing I posted?

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Interestingly, I do not love my house or property but I do love the location and privacy. My few unseen neighbors are great (i.e. unseen).
The thought of moving everything and starting over is so horrifyingly daunting that I would rather stay put.

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You think that is charmless ?! You need to get out more.

First, you have that tree. Trees like that are the reason new constr turns me off, where they call it a treed lot just because they dont cut down all the tall spindly characterless trees that have no leaves until 30 feet up.. You have a TREE!

Second, cute entry. Third, what kind of detail is above the windows?

It all looks great.

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I agree with mtnrd. Charmless? Hardly! Your house is very pretty, and the landscaping looks great.

Do we get to see inside?

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cyn427 (zone 7)


My DH is enamoured of the house you posted. This is the first one I've shown him that he has ever actually done his own research on to find out more! For the first time ever, I really think he would seriously consider moving. He keeps saying, "The pups would love it." ;) I think if you love it after you've seen it in person, you should go for it.

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Thanks for the feedback, y'all!

Bumblebeez, I hear ya! Moving is a bite!

Mtn, awww...thanks, sweetie. I do have a few trees in the front. Two huge pines, and we planted the Japanese Maple by the front door & a crepe myrtle that's on the other side of the driveway. I appreciate your kind remarks.

Wow, Cyn! Maybe you two should head down here? Your dh really liked it, huh? I'll intoduce you to my sisters & we can all hang out together! I think you'd like us, lol! Seriously, I would like to see it in person. Sis & I drove by it, but of course, only saw outside. Looks pretty much as pictured. Pretty nice!

Nance, thanks so much! Y'all have seen inside--when I did the bath I posted & remember my pink living room? Now THAT will surely be a big selling feature, lol!
Y'all saw these of the back:

Another of the front:

Oh, and how could I forget? Installed a Trane energy efficient gas furnace and AC unit w 10 yr. warranty almost a year ago!

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Oh, and Stinky, I got carried away telling you about DH and the house---meant to agree with the others about your place. That back is to die for and I can see why it makes your heart sing! I think the front is lovely, too!

Yes, it would be fun to be down there and I think we could have a grand time together. DH would have driven down yesterday if it were a little closer. I don't know the area at all, so hard for me to really have an opinion beyond the pictures...which are spectacular. Living on the water is my goal!

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Stinky-gardener, your house is lovely! Don't sell it short. Sometimes we don't see what others do as we only see the problems. I know my house is the same (always needing something IMO) and every time someone exclaims over how wonderful it is I see it in a different light.

Even tho I love my house there is always at least one other in my mind that I am smitten with. There is one in an area we've often travel to that is unforgettable altho it's located on a busy road when IMO it should be on my acreage! LOL It's a new craftsman and it just tugs at my heartstrings. I also have been in love with old Victorians of all sizes, chateaus in southern France, and castles in the UK. Whenever I think I have some time to spare I look online at listings, Locationworks, Pinterest house exteriors, various architect's sites, Hooked on Houses, or ThisOldHouse. Always something that's fun to see, visualize living in, and that gives me more ideas than I'll ever be able to use. I have an addiction to architecture, landscaping, decor, and all things "house and home".

    Bookmark   June 9, 2012 at 1:46PM
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S-G, your house is lovely and your landscaping is divine, which I would assume with your screen name.

I was just out working on our curb appeal, painting the front railings. We need to replace the old worn light fixture. After lunch, I need to put another coat of paint on the wrought iron patio furniture. The railings and furniture really look like new.

The RE did contact DH, and the house is sold. That is fine. Of course, the guy wants to show us more houses. That's why DH knew he'd get back to him. No real hurry to take him up on it.

    Bookmark   June 9, 2012 at 2:26PM
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Not exactly in love but more interested in the uniqueness of this house in DC. I just think it would be so neat to be in the middle of the city but to have a country home with land.

Here is a link that might be useful: DC home with acerage

    Bookmark   June 9, 2012 at 2:29PM
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s-g, what a lovely home you have created! You should feel proud.

IMHO, doubling your husband's commute is a fatal error, especially if he has a demanding job already. No house is worth a stressed out, tired, miserable DH.

    Bookmark   June 9, 2012 at 3:47PM
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I'm a real estate agent...I fall in love with houses every week.

Listed a log home on 10 acres recently. I keep think about the two story rock fireplace and how much cozy and quirky fun one could have with decorating.

Or the 1 story with the great opne living space on a smallish lot in town. Easy commute.
Or my friend's 1920 beautifully redone home. Character galore.
Or the so-cute-it-made-your-teeth-ache 2 story with the charming backyard I helped a couple buy last summer. Mmmmm...

My all time fantasy home is a two story with wrap around porches...old farmhouse look. Inside--hardwoods, great windows, and chunky trim. Of course it would be painted a sunny yellow and be on at least five acres. With a pond.

Too bad that house where ever it is doesn't fit my life these days.

At least in my profession I get to flirt with lots of homes in lots of different places.

    Bookmark   June 9, 2012 at 3:53PM
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SG, your gardens and your home are charming! I do love my modest abode and my neighborhood, but my dream home since childhood has been on the market for a few months and ooh I am tempted to upsize! Would have to redo the kitchen and other tweeks though.

Here is a link that might be useful: my childhood dream home.

    Bookmark   June 9, 2012 at 4:20PM
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Wow, thanks for the thoughtful replies everyone!

Cyn, thank you for remarking on my current digs too, and so positively. If you & your dh head this way, let me know! I can even call a super nice realtor & set up a showing for you if that would help. It's neat that my post sparked some real interest, even if nothing comes of it!

Luckygal, I appreciate that, & I think we so often do see what's wrong rather than what's right w/our houses. I am really trying to move away from that nasty habit, & be more positive. I really am grateful for what I have. I probably feel SO anxious about the whole thing since I paid a 2006 "bubble" price, but hey, I'm hardly the only person in the country who bought a house between 2005 & 2007!

Gsciencechick, thank you very much! Glad you're not rushing anything. Good for you. Your painting surely did add curb appeal, & a new light fixture is a great idea. I replaced all of my exterior lighting! Dinky, builder grade brass went to better scaled bronze Hinkley fixtures. World of difference!

Oh, AthomeinVA, that house is nothing short of spectacular! That is really a one in a gazillion house! Indeed, to be in the heart of such a great city & have that land, & that space, & that history & charm and beauty! Thanks for posting that link. Five million dollars they're asking & worth every penny!

Awm03, thanks for your reply. I appreciate your kind words. ( I sure do love your house, you know!) I think you have a hubby who works a lot too, yes? So you would know about that part of the equation. Stress & exhaustion are pretty much part of life because of dh's job, but tunnel traffic could add more of a burden to the daily grind!Thanks for pointing that out.

HappyinTX, yes you have a really fun job, imo!

Roarah, thank you for the compliment. I also love the house you posted. It's really beautiful!

    Bookmark   June 9, 2012 at 5:25PM
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Yes! It's a small eight hundred square foot, very custom craftsman cottage with a huge front porch.

But with six kids, kids-in-law, and grandkids, I could never move into something that small. I don't know where I'd put everyone! LOL

    Bookmark   June 9, 2012 at 6:11PM
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cyn427 (zone 7)

Athomeinva, okay, fine. I guess I will just stay that home???? ;) Know just where it is. DH lived near there before we got married. Absolutely amazing. Ha-It would take a property like that to get me to move into the District!

    Bookmark   June 9, 2012 at 7:26PM
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I drive by my dream house every day and curse the people who bought it. Really.

It was a a foreclosure that had been on the market forever because it only had one bedroom and was neglected after the owners moved out. But there is tons of great attic space so we knew that we could add bedrooms. We were just waiting for it to fall into our price rage. And then someone bought it!

Here is a link that might be useful: Dream house

    Bookmark   June 10, 2012 at 8:08AM
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Wow, Deee, that's beautiful! I take it the racoon & the egret come with the property! Cute!

Says the Zillow is currently $444,800, but the range says it could be worth as much as $890,000 (that crazy Zillow...but I'm a Zillow freak anyway, look at mine WAY too often!) Do you know what it sold for? Usually Zillow posts that, & the history of previous sales, but I don't see that info.

Sorry it slipped through your fingers. When things like that happen to me, I have to assume it just wasn't meant to be.

    Bookmark   June 10, 2012 at 8:50AM
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Yes, that is dreamy. Hard to envision it has only 1 br. I also like the decor. At the time of the photos its in great shape. Some of the photos are pretty funny (what do the two cats on the bed have to do with anything?).

I do have one quibble with it. I think the front portico and columns feel too large for the house. A bit out of proportion.

    Bookmark   June 10, 2012 at 9:15AM
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Oh, deee, sorry to hear. That is just beautiful. So odd that there was only 1BR.

    Bookmark   June 10, 2012 at 9:19AM
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Mtn, I feel the same way about the columns, & wondered the same thing about the cats! (Maybe two fat cats lounging on a bed just say "home?") Noticed one of the cats joined the deer and a birdie on the patio later!

GSC, yes, it IS so odd the house has only one bedroom. (really odd) It has just a hair over 2,000 sq. ft. too. Looks SO much bigger than that! Sits on over 2 acres that's quite the wildlife refuge. Very interesting place.

    Bookmark   June 10, 2012 at 9:44AM
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Thanks Stinky! And if I walked by your home it would be inspiration for any home that I wanted to do. It looks like it belongs 2 blocks down from my home. That area was once known as Doctor/ Lawyer Row. I guess I'm on Nurses/ Paralegal Lane LOL!

    Bookmark   June 10, 2012 at 10:10AM
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O Dee that is a lovely home sorry you missed out on it. I saw two different beds so I am guessing rooms that can be used as "bedrooms" may be missing closets or second points of egress and without those features may not legally be listed as bedrooms.
Lots of wild life abound the estate!

    Bookmark   June 10, 2012 at 10:13AM
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The house is top heavy, isn't it? On the plus side, the portico adds a ton of space to the attic floor and doesn't looks too bad in context with the rest of the lot. It's basically a tarted up raised ranch - the lower floor is like a basement and is not heated or cooled. You could remodel but it would have to be all cash as you could never get flood insurance and it couldn't be rolled into a mortgage.

Our real estate market has come back a bit and the lot alone could be upwards of a million dollars but I think the fact that it's a one bedroom house hurts the value.

Originally the owners tried to subdivide the property. The three lots were the house and pool, lot with deep water dock and lot with ancient garage. They sold the area with the dock for about 500k in late 2008. Then they lost the house and the bank sold the house and the garage lot next to it for 700k in 2010.

It was actually a pretty good deal but between having to extensively remodel, paying expensive flood insurance on that fabulous pool and college tuition for two right around the corner, I just didn't have the stomach for it.

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I found another house I am in love with. :) I was fooling around with the idea of moving to New Paltz and some how stumbled upon the MacKenzie-Childs estate for sale. I just love it. The DR is mky favorite I think. I think it is like living in a storybook.

Here is a link that might be useful: MacKenzie-Childs estate

    Bookmark   June 28, 2012 at 8:49AM
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I've been obsessed with this house for years. I blurred the cars just in case.

Here is a link that might be useful: house I want

    Bookmark   June 28, 2012 at 11:22AM
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