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casiAugust 6, 2011

This will kind of give you an idea about my 12 inch blocks, which I now have 29, one more to make:

Here is a pic from today which shows the additional material that I bought to make the sashing, but now I'm thinking of just using it for the corner squares in the sashing so then I will have some to make a border around the whole thing which will be the skirt part.

Anyone have any thoughts?

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Still no pictures - if you have successfully posted the pictures, you will see them in the body of your post when you hit Preview message.
Then hit submit - if you do not see the actual pictures when you preview your msg, we will not see them either.

You are close - don't give up!
Follow Kate's directions:
"You have to upload your photos to a file sharing site like Photobucket (it's free) then copy the link for that photo and paste it into the text box here. The photo link you want is the one called "HTML Code". Hope that helps!"

For me, I think it is the second little box - I click on it and it says Copied - then I go back to my GW message and paste into the body of the message.

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Here ya go! Rebecca

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You gals are just wonderful! Thx for helping...

Casi, those blocks are very pretty...that will bea great looking quilt! Thx for posting! Wow, look how much you have learned!


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I really screwed up! Refer to:

"newbie needs help with assembly of quilt blocks"

I'm trying to get help on how to put this quilt to be together! I have 29 blocks, gonna be 30, made from 4 materials. I am almost completely out of 2 of them, can't find any additional. I have a good amount of one of them which I was going to use as pipeing on the border. The red that the blocks are lying of is what I bought to make the sashing, but I am thinking of using that to make corner blocks if I can find another material to use as the sashing; then I can take some of the red down into the border/skirt. Help!

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Casi, if you want any further help on posting pictures, send me an email by clicking on my user name. I'm sure you're just a step away from getting it.


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I like that red as the sashing. It really makes the blocks 'pop'! How about a blue for the piping or a small border outside of the sashing?

I think you're moving along nicely. If you're worried about not having much of those 4 fabrics, not all blocks have to use all the fabrics. Play around with block placement until things look balanced. It'll all work out!

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Maybe I put it in the simplest terms which I post at various GW Houseplant Forums (forae?) where I participate?

From Photobucket, one you've posted your pix there, pls. COPY THE 3RD LINE OF CODE (I believe it says HTML) & PASTE IT INTO A MESSAGE YOU'RE POSTING HERE. It'll look like gibberish & gobbledy gook (letters, numbers, etc). but when you proceed to the PREVIEW feature, the image should appear there. If not, try another time or 2. It's not unusual for it to take a couple of attempts. You really are almost there!!

What I've seen so far, the work looks beautiful & the colors blend nicely, it's going to be great!

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Love your fabrics, the quilt will be gorgeous!!!!

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Thanks so much for the encouragement everyone! To show you, that I CAN do the photobucket thing.....I am going to attempt to do so:

This is my first quilt that I finally finished. I did this in "quilt as you go". I will never do it again...I don't think....kind of getting over it now. Since it was my first, when I made my blocks I wasn't as conscientious about perfection and exactness. Didn't realize how much it might show, and yet, now that it is put altogether, you really can't see the mistakes. It was a learning experience. Now that I have completed 29 blocks, all a different pattern, I have really learned a lot. I have extra blocks from this first quilt and my daughter wants me to put it together for her. I said that I would not not a QAYG!!

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Good job!

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Yay-quilting is easier than posting a picture - lol
I am with you on never-ever doing a QAYG - I also did a sampler year long class. It was a wonderful learning experience. I hate the method. Mine is not finished.

Your blocks look great. I like the red sashing- if you are running out of fabric, I would choose another fabric for the border. What you have done so far looks great!

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Casi, I agree...the red looks great.
Your blocks and quilt look wonderful.
Making a sampler is a good way to learn.
I have made 4 small quilts in the QAYG method. I didn't like the method, but practice makes perfect so I may attempt QAYG again.


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Yes, Day2, I said I would never do another one....trying to get all that length with the bulk, thru my regular type sewing machine was difficult...queen size to boot. But, now that I know what I know....I could do it better! lol

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