Kitchen remodel -- thoughts?

balaskonisJanuary 19, 2011


looking at buying a house, but it has a boxed in kitchen's a sketch of the floorplan of half the house...any ideas? especially with the load bearing wall? can't seem to think of anything but wanted to realize potential before making an offer.



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That is boxed in!

Hard to know scale, but I would get rid of the breakfast table area by the french doors and expand my kitchen out that way. Move your fridge and ovens over to that wall and get rid of the desk. Where the load-bearing wall is, replace it with a header or steel beam so you can lose that wall. I would probably do lower cabinets with a breakfast bar/stools either on the LR side or the DR side.

Good luck.

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I've found the video showing the detailed steps for refacing kitchen. In a modern kitchen Cabinet doors are the first thing to be noticed. The video tutorial by Cabinet Refacing to Go is of great help in refacing cabinets.

I hope the video will be helpful to you...

Regards :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Do it yourself cabinet refacing

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I checked this video..Good one! Step-by-step instructions from professionals was a real help.

Here is a link that might be useful: Guidance on Cabinet Refacing- Video

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Check out the kitchen forum on GW. Lots of people there doing kitchen renovations/remodeling, plus many who have recently done it & have lots of good advice.

A couple of the regulars on the forum do wonders with floorplans for kitchen renovation, plus tons of other great tips.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen Forum

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Refacing your cabinet is a great way of improving the image of your kitchen. You can also stain the doors and the spaces in between so that all look modern. You an get various kitchen renovation idea by visiting Kitchen Renovation Ideas

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