a huge challenge for quilters.....

krissie55August 25, 2012

Our charity quilt group has hundreds of shirt pockets in various prints. Top of pocket is a little wider than the bottom, plus the "V" shape at bottom.

The CHALLENGE is to find a way to sew pockets together without cutting all the same size before sewing. Trim off excess after sewing together and hope they end up in a straight line.

Would it be possible to sew pocket top side to pocket bottom side and keep alternating. If it ended up looking like a snake's trail would there be a way to sew strips together so they are flat. I am thinking way out of the box on this one!!

I would like to make pocket strips in maybe 6 same print and then mix them up in a quilt top.

In the past I cut pockets into 5" squares and it took oodles of time to do especially for so many.

We have 4 file drawers stashed full of pockets. Amazing how many pockets those file drawers can hold!!

The pockets are from a scrubs uniform manufacturer, beautiful fabric.

No one will work with pockets other than me and I cannot see wasting the pocket fabric. I could give them to the local city charities to sell as scraps for a few pennies, but I much prefer finding a simple way to make the pockets into quilts to keep those in need warm.

I welcome all suggestions, even if you tell me I am insane!!


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Sorry about the subject, seems my capital letters posted as little letters. Should have been...

A HUGE CHALLENGE for quilters....

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Are the pockets just cut or are they topstitched?

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I think it would work better to sew them side by side into strips, then turn them so that the pointed bottom edges are sewn together. Then you would sew the strip pairs together along the top edges.

I wish I knew how to draw a picture...I probably didn't explain it very well.


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Donna, I think I can picture what you are saying and agree that would work. It would be like the "pickets" nested into each other. Good thinking.

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Thanks for your suggestions.

The problem with sewing sides together the strip would soon be a curved strip instead of straight. Remember, top of pocket is wider than the bottom pocket width before the point starts.

I like the "pickets" nested into each other idea, would make an unusual quilt top using different fabric patterns.

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I'd reverse each one so the angle evened out and the strip stayed straight. Then I'd take a ruler to the strip and cut off the points so each side of the strip was even and sides parallel. Those colored strips could easily be made into lots of designs, including alternating them with a solid strip of a contrasting fabric. Sounds like a fun project to me.

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I would do what toolgranny suggested.

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I have difficulty conceptualizing written words into pictures in my mind. Thus I will just throw this out here, FWIW.... it may or may not be useful...

Whenever I have blocks that are going to present difficulty in getting them to line up precisely & evenly....... then I go for an "intended" wonky layout. This happens in my Red Cross sewing group when we get donations of blocks from quilters of all different skill levels, as well as varying degrees of "compulsiveness".

Good luck on your project. It sounds challenging, indeed! Good for you for working with what you have!

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Thanks!! Appreciate your brainstorming with me!

Will let you know later how the project turns out.


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