Ideas for a long curtain rod

Bumblebeez SC Zone 7June 18, 2009

I am going to put drapes over my double french doors. The panels will hang open all the time except when we watch tv during the day to prevent glare.

I want a black, orb, or wood finish.

I will uses rings so they will scrape any painted finish.

I need some ideas for inexpensive rod ideas.

Other than copper plumbing pipe I don't have much thoughts although I am thinking of scraping a tree down and staining and varnishing to give a rustic look.

I have plenty of woods but I don't know if I need to let the wood dry out first or not. I could easily find a cherry sapling.

Off hand the length is over 200".

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Did you check with HomeDepot or Lowes, they do take special orders. We got our long oak wood rod done at HomeDepot. Its about 150" and costed about 60$ but this was few years ago.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I did check Lowes and they did not have anything over 155" but I didn't ask about special orders so I need to do that. Thanks!

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I've read about doing this with pvc pipe- It would be very inexpensive, you can paint it any color you want-make your own finals out of unique cabinet knobs glued to the ends -use wall hangers or regular curtain rod hangers.

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I see rods on sale frequently at various places including HD. I kind of wonder how much money you save using pipe versus drapery rods by the time you add in the cost of paint and then trying to find hardware that fits the rod.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I don't care if I make one or buy one I just can't find a long rod. I must be clueless about curtains! I do want to buy it locally and not order it although we do have most stores.
So my only option is to add extender rods? If I add 2 40" to a 120" rod won't that look all chopped up?

I'm afraid that if I make my own though and paint it, the sliding rings will rub off the paint.

I really appreciate all your posts and ideas.

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A couple of suggestions:

- look in the millwork section at Lowe's, etc for handrail like you'd put along a staircase. Those come in longer lengths than many things and are inexpensive. (You'd end up having to stain or paint it, most likely, but it sounds like you're certainly handy enough for that if you're talking about making your own from a tree, LOL)

- if you end up painting a rod, give it a coat of auto wax. That will help the rings slide easily and help keep the paint from rubbing off. (You could probably also do a coat of polyurethane to the same effect)

- if you piece something together - whether pipe or sections of wood - what about doing it strategically? At that length, you'll have to have at least a couple of supports along the way; I'd put the joints in the same place that I was putting supports (or vice versa, ha) so that they were concealed behind the bracket. For wood rods, I'd use a double-ended screw and make a tight butt joint - those all but disappear, and would definitely hide behind a bracket.

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The problem won't be in finding a rod long enough but in supporting it so that you can slide the curtains.

You can take lengths of rods/dowels and connect them with dowel screws, then support the joint with a rod bracket. But, wherever you have a bracket you can't have a continuous run to pull the drapery across.

Do you have a large enough area for that amount of fabric to stack on each side? If not, you could hang panels at each end and then use cellular shades above each door and lower them when you want to watch TV

Here is a link that might be useful: screws

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I agree with embees except I'd use closet rod. I think the longest they carry is 12 feet (144")so you'd have to use a double screw to attach them. No problem if you do so at the center (buy two lengths half the size of your total length). Ask about their unfinished brackets and finials. At one of the Lowes here they keep them in millwork and the other they are in the window covering department on hanging clips between shelving sections.
I made the ones shown below this way for our daughter's room. I bought the unfinished wooden rings from Sears I think.

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Thanks for mentioning the bracket at the seam annz. I meant to mention that.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I will look at Lowes and Hd more closely now. I wish I could find something metal though but it seems pricey. I did look at some online sources and they were $400 plus.
This is the look I would like- without the curtains in the middle.
I did measure and I need 171" long rod. I hope I can just have support at the ends and in the middle and hang two panels on each end. That would cover when closed and not be too bunchy. I don't care that much what it looks like when closed as it will only be family ever.

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With 14 1/4' you should be able to do 2 rods with a support at the seam (middle). I have an 8' decorative rod, 1 1/4" diameter, that I bought at JCP and it doesn't have any middle support. It's been 4 years since I installed it and I see no sag. Buy two 8' rods, connect them in the center, then cut each end to the exact length you need. Don't cut until you've done some test runs with it hanging on the brackets!
The larger the diameter of the curtain rod, the less chance of it sagging.

Check out JCP sales and you'll beat the prices at HD for curtain rods.

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I agree with annz -
Also look at JoAnns. I had a similar problem, but with sliders. I bought 3 adjustable, bronze metal rods w/ rings at Joanns for a ridiculously cheap amount and used the center sections to lengthen the rods to span most of the wall. I had sections leftover. I think the longest rods were $14.99.
If you purchase from Joanns, look for coupons online.
I just got this in the mail - JCP sale 40% off original prices or extra 10% off sale prices - thru June 26

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Thanks for all the help! I'm excited that I'm not limited so much anymore so I'll look around.

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Use electrical conduit, it's lighter and apprx $2 for 10 ft. I found an online DIY video and I'm about to tackle this project myself for an almost 200' rod.
My biggest problem is figuring out where to put the brackets so I can still open the curtains. I have a slider with windows on both sides, about 11' of wall space between the slider and each window, very little wall space to the corner. I'm hanging 3 patio drapes, because I wanted the color and the company doesn't sell matching curtain panels. My goal is to block the bright morning sun and the heat (the sun rises right into my window!). I'll try to post a link to that video, it seems fairly easy, except the bracket issue.
I bought 2 100' pieces of conduit, 1 can of primer paint combo (spray paint) and it only cost $8. I did pick up some connectors for $2, but I'm not sure if I'll use them yet. All i need to buy now is brackets, shouldn't be that expensive, i'm guessing the total cost will be under $30. I'm also hanging a black out liner in front of the slider, on a separate rod, as close to the wall as possible.

If rods weren't so ridiculously expensive, I would just buy a custom made one, but that would cost more than my curtains!
I'm hoping this is as easy as it is in my head...Anyone have any suggestions on where to put these brackets, please let me know.

Here is a link that might be useful: DIY curtain rod

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Lowes has rod extenders. I bought a rod extender and then went to JC Penney to see if it would work with their metal rods. The clerk was very helpful and we found out it would work. Not sure how long the extender was but my curtains cover a picture window and two side windows. I have only one support in the middle and have had no problems with it.

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I abandoned my DIY project once I saw how cheap they are at Ikea. Their biggest rod is only 152" though. Depending on whether the rod will be visible, you could get 2 different sizes and butt them up against each other, they are flat on the ends. They sell the decorative ends that fit on their rods too and brackets that adjust pretty close to wall or a normal distance away. They also have these flexible ends if you want to wrap the curtain around to the wall. I'm using 3 rods because my curtains will cover them anyway. They also have screw holes in the ends to accommodate their decorative ends, a double headed screw could be used to attach these rods together and make them one.

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You can get small diameter rebar very cheap and in 20 foot pieces. A rebar cutter is fairly reasonable or you could see if a friend might have one you could borrow.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I'm sure this helpful to someone, thanks!

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