If $ were no object, best frameless painted cabinet is

bosmaApril 16, 2013

Now, let's face it, money is (almost) always a consideration. But after trying to be mindful of cabinet costs, I seem to have too many samples of cheap plasticky looking white cabinets.
If you had to say which cabinet brand (preferably frameless) had the best white painted finish you would say...

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Best I have seen is WoodMode (Plain N Fancy and some otehrs are not sold here), but their less custom line, Brookhaven is plenty good enough. I have both, done to get certain features not available in Brookhaven. My white are Brookhaven, adn they do not look like plastic. Medallion also had a nice finish, but at the time I was looking, they didn't do frameless. I think that may have changed.

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Yes, Medallion (Elkay Corp) is now offering frameless cabinets. Mine will be white with lower sheen.

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Bosma, if you did a search you probably found my thread about the quest for the perfect white painted cabinet. I am looking at inset but I can still share my observations with you. In addition to cabinets noted above, I would add Crystal and Crown Point to your list. Both do frameless and both impressed me. (Yes, Crown Point has a frameless line!) Crystal offers a low sheen option and Crown Point will do just about anything you want. Plain & Fancy has a truly beautiful finish (to my eye) but FWIW, my estimate from P&F was nearly double Crown Point. I do think that is unusual so you might have a different experience.

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Sorry for not getting back sooner, had kids home from school sick this week so I wasn't able to check in, but thank you all for your responses!

Jakuvall - I didn't realize lower sheen was an option. I will look into that and explore the lines you suggested. I wasn't considering custom because I don't really need custom sizes or special pieces, but I feel the cabinets are such a big part of the kitchen and I don't want them to look fake or cheap -and I know your other posts were accidents, but it was pretty funny reading the thread :)

lascatx - I'll have to get a sample brookhaven door to compare finishes to what I have. What white did you choose?

SparklingWater - How did you find the frameless medallion, at a medallion dealer or do they go by a different name? What sheen level did you do?

Belle_va - I did a search and found your post, which is all my concerns (though we are not doing inset). Thanks for sharing your experiences so far and please keep me posted on what you ultimately decide to choose!

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BTW, my closest plain and fancy dealer seems like a lumber yard/hardware store. Is that possible?

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I don't remember what the name of my white is, but I wanted them white, not cream or grey. I was taking out yellowed custom cabinets that had been painted with oil based paint. I had the same issue in my last house and I never wanted to look at yellowed or dingy looking cabinets again.

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Is 10% sheen preferable for painted cabinets over 20%?

I think my cabs that were just installed are 20%, but I don't remember being given an option. What % is easier to clean?

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bosma, i heard about them at a Medallion dealer, and they go by the name of Elkay Design Craft frameless cabinetry. Their classic paint is a satin sheen.

Here is a link that might be useful: link:

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geomeg, I can only relay my personal experience with your question. Last summer I dropped by a high end semi-custom cabinet manufacturer showroom who only sells one line of inset cabinets. There cabinets were stunning, but the painted finish was too hard for me. The dealer said the paint sheen was 30%, but for extra money, I could get it cut to 10%, resulting in a lower sheen.

I don't know however if you'll find as much difference between 20% and 10% on your cabinetry. I do think it is possible the higher sheen is easier to clean up, but that's not with personal experience.

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Lascatx- Thanks, glad you are happy with your cabinets.

Thanks for the link SparklingWater!! There is a dealer close by that I will be sure to look at.

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My 8 yr old cabinets are Woodmode and they were plenty pricey. All I can say is that I had PTSD from our house fire. They are beautiful, but with my rough and tumble family they have been a disappointment. Chips on the finish in places.

They would be great if they weren't inset. If they were full overlay the chips would be covered. So, you will be fine with frameless full overlay.

The cabinet construction is wonderful.

Mouser is a nice brand. I have been looking at their painted product. Prices are good. Might want to take a look. Lots more budget friendly.

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Add Elmwood to your list, just saw them at KBIS and spoke with several dealers- several lines of frameless as wll as inset and framed overlay. I was impressed with the finishes and am looking into taking them on. Supposed to price from Brookhaven to under P & F- will see in the next few weeks about that.

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If $ were no object, I'd say Bulthaup followed by Valcucine which even has interior lighting. But these aren't wood cabinets.

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Thanks red_lover. Sorry your finish is chipping. We are not doing inset so hopefully that won't be a problem. Could I confirm-Are you saying Mouser is more budget friendly, or there are lots more options which are more budget friendly?

Thanks Jakuvall! I'll take a closer look, though it looks like they are made in Canada, though I don't think that matters. What is the mid priced brand that you are currently carrying?

Thanks Roccogurl. Interesting designs on those two. Bulthap is too modern for us and there is no Valcucine dealers in my area.

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bosma- I don't currently have a mid priced frameless only frameless I offer right now is QCCI. I am supposed to be getting one from Mountaineer (current middle).

I've investigated 5 brands seriously in the last year and a half looking for an in between inset and a well priced frameless- that is how I took on Mountaineer but still waiting for frameless from them.

I had Apple Valley and liked thier better box and the finishes- out of business, also had another slightly pricier brand that is now out of my store. Where I use to work we had Brookhaven/Wood-Mode.

Note- I'm pretty demanding as to what I expect "custom" means- a lot more than just sizes.
You can get low sheen and some specialty finishes in many semi custom brands. The finishes vary by brand a lot. You can also get custom sizes in many semi's (I won't handle one that does not offer it). Sometimes worth the few bucks to size a couple of cabinets for the sake of proportion and overall function.

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Thanks Jakuvall. Making a list of how often certain brands come up. Guess I'll have to go and explore myself.

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Didn't think you wanted modern but in case -- forget Valcucine as it's more modern than Bulthaup.

I would check into Crown Point to see if they will/do frameless. They have wonderful quality.

Here is a link that might be useful: Crown Point

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bosma- frequency of appearance on this (or any) forum won't get you the best answer.

I have worked with 19 or 20 brands, talked with reps about handling several others and researched another dozen- there is only one that got away and pretty sure I'm not going to miss it.... yeah better to do the the leg work you need to find your own answer.

remember - It is more important who you work with than the brand you buy.

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Bosma--I am saying that in my next house I would love to have Woodmode again since I am pretty sure I will do full overlay. But, I don't think I am willing to spend that kind of money again. Honestly, looking back I spent a small fortune.

A shop here in town carries Mouser. They look really good and are mid range I would say. I don't have to have Woodmode quality if its going to cost me my youngest child.

Good luck in whatever you decide.

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Red_lover - FWIW the paint finishes for Brookhaven are identical to Wood-Mode, only the box interior changes from veneer to a choice of melamine or vinyl. Woods in WM are hand rubbed, buffed in BH.

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Thanks Jakuvall--I did the rest of the house in Brookhaven and they are definitely top notch. When we built this house, the Brookhaven didnt come in inset or Vintage finish. Thus the Woodmode in my kitchen.

May have to take a second look at Brookhaven. Thanks!

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