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loisflanAugust 27, 2012

Have you every done a quilt-as-you-go quilt? Were you pleased with the results? How is it done? There are some really nice patterns here, and I am tempted.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fun and done

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It's my never ending project. It started out as a Fun and Done pattern but I've renamed it Not So Fun and Never Done.

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Have never done a Fun and Done but did Georgia Bonesteel's Quilt As You Go technique. Since I hand quilted each square, it sure made it easier to quilt rather than a very large quilt. It was completed about 14-15 years ago.


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Lois~I can't even click on the link I detest the method sooooo much! Run away ~ fast!!! I also have an unfinshed QAYG project, a sampler. I took a year long class. I used all Batiks - learned alot - spent alot, but hated the QAYG method. I love my sampler, but I cannot/will not get it finished using a traditional QAYG method.

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MRG & Kate: Why do you dislike this method so much? Just curious...

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Hate, hate, hate!!

It's actually why I finally bought my long-arm machine, LOL.

I didn't check out your particular link, so I will just say - I hate sewing by hand. Sewing the individual blocks together like Georgia Bonesteel does would have me contemplating - well, bad things!

But if this a method that has you construct the quilt, divide up the batting and machine quilt, well, I've done that, and was overall pleased with the results.

So this is probably not what you were hoping to hear.

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I did one Fun and Done quilt. I have another pattern that I want to make someday. I enjoyed making the blocks and also like that the blocks are joined by machine . I gave my quilt to my guilds Quilts for Kids program.
Linda OH

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Why do I hate it so much? First of all, after the 5th or 6th block I became insanely bored with the process. I'm using almost all Kaffe Fassett fabrics and should be loving it, but I'm not. I expected it to be fast but it's not. It's a lot of sewing for very little progress. Then, once you get all these blocks made, you still have to sew them all together. I don't like the way the completed sections feel - it's got so many seams it feels bulky to me. I have the same Fun and Done diamonds and squares pattern that LindaOH shows above. It's a pretty quilt and someday I would like to have mine done, but I can't make myself work on it for more than a couple hours at a time. Unlike most projects that I lose myself in, that never happens with this one.

I started this thing 2 years ago with the intention to make a picnic quilt. My newest deadline is October 13th for the Leu Gardens Jazz Evening.

Not so fun (for me). Never done (well, maybe someday).

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Like Sharon, I made a Sampler QAYG using Georga Bonesteel's hand technique several years ago. It was one of my first finished quilts. I liked the results but putting all the blocks was not much fun. I think for one thing I used the wrong batting. It was thicker then what I like to use now. I have never machine QAYG. Considered it a few times but it seemed to be more of a challenge then I was ready for. Interesting question.

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I did one of those fun and done type quilts, where you bring the backing to the front and topstitch down between each block, and that was enough to get it out of my system. Those look different, lay different, feel different and once is enough.

I do routinely make quilts where I'll divide the quilt up into perhaps three sections to machine the top and then sew them together . That I don't mind and it looks no different from the top than any other quilt.

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Here is the one I did. It wasn't my favorite method, but it is a fairly quick one if you don't get too bored like Kate mentioned. Someday, I will probably do another one. I do like some of the other designs.


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Oooo! Pretty. love the colors and what an interesting back fabric. Don't think I've seen that one. I like how the quilting makes the backing look like pieces squares.

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Linda: I think the quilt is lovely
Robbie: yours is very cool indeed!
I think I can see where one could get bored w/ it, but for a quick process, the result is nice.
May need to put this on a project list that continues to grow!

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Quilt as you Go is fun, for a while. Once you take a break it is hard to get started back.

The quilt as you go I am in the process of is different, although I did start one like Lindaoh made. Gave it to a friend to finish. Had blocks, batting, strips cut for the purpose, then decided I was done.

The one I am working on (20" blocks) uses a backing square plus batting cut same size. Place a piece of fabric with 5 or 6 sides in the center. Start sewing strips across a side and keep going round and round until the top is covered. Use different widths of strips. Trim fabric as needed along the way or leave them for extra thickness in the quilt. Trim to fit the backing square. Connect blocks together with 1" wide strip. Sew strip to quilt block top then the next quilt top block. On the back turn under 1/4" and sew by hand to the second block. Making a strip out of several different fabrics will blend in looking scrappy like the block instead of an outlined square.

Hope I did not muddle this too much! Sorry don't know how to post pictures plus I am rusty on using my new camera.

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Interesting responses. Thanks, everyone, for your input. Maybe I'll wait a while. I'll also prepare to be bored if I do decide to make one. I can imagine that the "feel" of the quilt is quite different than a traditionally pieced and quilted one. I never before knew exactly how they were made.

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