QOTD 8-30 Mug Rugs

rosajoe_gwAugust 29, 2011

Sorry to post this so early but tomorrow is a busy day for me.

I have seen the mug rug craze every where. Do you make them and would you actually use them???

I set my cup and iced drinks on a paper towel so I can throw it away. Wouldn't these have to be washed a LOT and coffee stains are hard to get out. I think they are cute but I don't know if I would actually use it.


Here is a link that might be useful: MugRugs

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I had something like these that was given to me (way back when), and I found that they just soak up the sweat like a sponge and wet the table in no time... I never used them again after that.

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I can't imagine putting that kind of effort into a coaster. I have been given some, but I never use them. Coffee drips, tea drips, iced drinks sweat, and the table gets wet anyway.

Cute? Eh, maybe. I prefer functional.

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No..........one more thing in a drawer, but I'd certainly use something similar if it were placemat size.

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I think they're really cute but not sure if I would use it. I've been using the quilt DD2 made for a mug rug...it ended up potholder size, but she finished it and I keep it handy by the sewing machine. @:)


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I don't have any but think the idea is clever. I might use them for a drop in guest but probably not practical for everyday use. I have ceramic tiles that I used under drinks that I have had for ever.

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Not my thing at all. I prefer function over form in this case.

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Another vote for no. I put my cup on a soapstone coaster. When I give the grands a snack, I use a coffee filter.

They are cute, though. Reminds me of a time I went through a Christmas ornament phase. Each time I finished a gift quilt, I'd make some kind of ornament out of the fabrics.

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Several years ago, I took a class to learn paper piecing and we made mug rugs/mug mats in a log cabin pattern. It was a good way to learn the techniques of paper piecing. I use one of the rugs next to my computer and gave a few away. As with most of the other things I learn to make, it gets moved down on my list of to-dos, below those new things I want to make/learn.
I have a couple of sets of criss cross coasters I use for drinks. A lot less work than the piecing of those mug rugs.

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