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kay_in_paAugust 15, 2011

On Friday I made an incredible buy from Craig's List. A lady had a couple of bins of fabric (mostly quilting cottons) that I bought for a bit over $1 a yard (almost 200 yards estimated, with some of it in fat quarters and 1 yard or less pieces, which gives me great variety). Three or four pieces were long enough to use for backings! Really excited over my find.

However there are 2 pieces that I KNOW I'll never use, so if anyone wants them, please let me know. One is a pillow panel from Star Wars (red Darth Vader on one side, green Yoda on the other), and the other piece is 25" of San Diego Charger fabric. Please email me your address if you'd like either of these.

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I don't want them either but do send congratulations! Great find.

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If nobody else takes them, I will take the Star Wars--but only if there is not another taker. I will use them for the Salvation Army Bears our Guild dresses and makes child size quilts. I try to do something for a boy - so I could cut these apart and use them.
If someone else wants them -send them to that person - just don't let them go to waste.

Great find!

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Fabric finds like that leave me drooling. Good on you.

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Can you tell me more about the Chargers fabric? Is it a small print or a big print? My mom's side of the family is from San Diego, so I'm sure I can find a use for that piece.

And what a great find!! I love craigslist.


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Robbi, the print is more what I'd call medium. The helmets are 3-1/2" wide, and the chargers motif is 4.5" wide. Vertical repeat is 4". Has your address changed since you were doing lottos? If not, I have it.

Marsha, would you please email me yours? This panel would make 2 great kids' quilt centers, rather than the pillow it appears they were designed for.

I'll get them in the mail this week. Glad they'll get used!

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Kay, my address is still the same. Thank you!!!!!!!!


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I received the envelope - thank you! The Star Wars panel will indeed make 2 very cute, quick quilts - as long as I keep it simple! I have black, red and green - so I'll only have to buy backing. Now I have a plan - sorta :)
Thank You again! Going to a good cause.

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First I want to apologize for taking so long to let you know I received the fabric last weekend. This past week has been crazy!!

Second, thank you sooooo much! I will be able to put that fabric to some good use. My mothers side of the family are Charger fans, so I can probably get a few pillows at the very least out of it.

Thank you again!!


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