Are you quilting this weekend? Aug. 25 - 26

lindaoh_gwAugust 24, 2012

On Saturday I am going to my high school class reunion. I can't believe it is the 45th! Two other classmates and I organized it this year. We are expecting a good turnout. We have planned a catered lunch followed by a tour of the local restored Opera House and a tour of our new school. Our old schools were torn down after the move to the new school in 2009.

I don't know if I will get do any sewing this weekend. I did hand stitch the binding on a small wall hanging today.

What are your weekend plans?

Linda OH

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You sound like you, and I hope your hubby, are feeling better!

Big weekend for you ~ Enjoy it!

I hope to sew most of tomorrow! I have made such a mess in my office / shared sewing space--I hope I am able to sew without spending time straightening it first. I envy neat freaks! My brother got all those genes - my sis got some - and I got none!

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After being gone for 3+ weeks, it is SOOOO GOOOD to be back in my sewing room! I am making some squares for August block lotto, and working on finishing up FMQ aa double bed charity quilt. I need to work on cleaning up this room too!

Have fun at your reunion!


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I'm sure it isn't 100% true, because I've met neat artists! However, I like to think it's the creative side of my husband and me, not our lazy side, that makes us kinda messy! And that's an understatement. Picture fabric all over the sewing room, then clay and wood mess all over the garage!

Hope I'll be sewing. Gotta send off those lotto blocks. Waited so long now it'll probably cost extra!

Have a wonderful time at the reunion. Glad you're both mending too.

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Hope to finish the binding on my double 4 patch quilt and maybe do some more cutting on the next one in line. Started picking fabric and have cut some of it today.
Going to my GD house warming tomorrow. She and her DH are refurbishing their first house and are so excited. Happy for them.

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I hope to start quilting on #2 of 7 that are waiting to be finished. I am planning on just doing some fun doodling design with the quilting so that it won't take as long as the one I just finished where I did flower motifs that were time consuming.

I'm trying to be good and get these 7 completed before I start anymore tops. Well, actually, I have another 4 started. Oh my.


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I've been quilting all week, so plan on taking tomorrow off and starting again on Sunday. A friend and I are making quilts for a children's home in Africa. They have to be done by Oct 1 and I have a goal of eight so each child gets one. I asked for fabric on Freecycle and probably got enough for all the quilts, including sheets I am using for backing. I used several decorative stitches on my newish machine for the first time! One down and seven to go!

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My step-son is getting married tomorrow!! In a nice, small, inexpensive ceremony with a 'reception' at a restaurant! I'm very proud of him/them!!

Have to have 6 of us out the door by 9am fully dressed nicely. We have to pick up the cake along the way. It's gonna be a long day!

Sunday I hope to get 4 pineapple blocks done for the guild's raffle quilt...need to turn those in on Monday.
It's been a long time since I've done any quilting.... ;(

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Yes, imagine I shall be quilting. I'm putting the borders on my homespun/plaid 3-D flying goose quilt now. I plan to 'birth' this one since the trial quilt turned out so well. I'm thinkng since the geese have 'flaps' I may dig out my fibrefill and make it a puffed quilt. I plan to stitch around the geese in the quilting, and I can kill two birds "bad pun" with one stone that way. I'll just shove a little padding under each goose's wings before I stitch it down. This one is a spare quilt for the day bed.

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I hope to put the border on my batik quilt I've made for hubby and get it pin basted over the weekend...that may be all I have time to complete.
Have fun at the reunion! I've found the longer the distance from HS graduation date, the better the reunion...Enjoy!
Calliope...I look forward to seeing your puffy geese...yes it's a bad pun, but how could you!

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LOL, Marsha, all 3 of us (brother,sister and I) are neat freaks. I imagine it's a bit wearing on our spouses! DH and his 2 sisters are rather messy. :)

I have the triangles cut for my last mini, so plan to finish the 2 of them this weekend. Guild meeting is Monday night and I'd like to have them done.


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No sewing this weekend. I am off to Calgary for a 5 day visit with three daughters. Daughter #2 was here this week and she was working on some aprons for friends. I helped hem the ties.
When I get back, I have an Irish Chain spread out on the dining room table to be finished.
Happy end of August to all.

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Mostly working on the house but hope to make a wallhanging for our retreat raffle exchange or at least get it started. It's that time of year when I must start gathering for that trip and gathering something to sew on while there. I have several piles out and will try some test blocks. It's all in the planning stage at this point.

I must do something with all these tomatoes. Maybe it's time to can again. I did the class reunion thing last weekend in Oregon and spent time with family I don't see often enough. So, now I can stay home and sew.

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Yesterday and today I hand sewed a 9" Card Tricks block for my parents' quilt. I just completed it and so that makes 80 blocks done and 20 still left to do. Later this weekend I plan to work on my son's crochet Ripple afgan and do some hand-quilting on my Grandma's quilt. It's rainy here today, thankful for the rain. So far thankfully we are not in the path of Tropical Storm Isaac, but still keeping an eye on it. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Best to you,

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I was hit by the flu this week and am just now getting over it, so I'll be relaxing here at home for the next couple of days. Of course, my tomatoes are going berserk outdoors, so I may try to freeze some, we'll see. I did 3 quarts last Sunday, and could probably at least triple that this weekend. I'll hopefully be doing some quilting too this weekend, just not sure what projects I'll be working on while I wait for my order from keepsake quilting to arrive. I'm anxious to start those!
Everyone enjoy your weekend, it sounds like we've got a lot going on!

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"I'm can't expect me to be neat, too!"

~quote from somebody somewhere

Today I'm working on my Round Robin project getting it finished in time for the quilt show. I've got it sandwiched and now I'm FM quilting it. Some pretty heavy stabilizer was used in this and I'm not sure I'll get the needle through it. We'll see.

Tomorrow I'm going to make the sleeve for my queen bed quilt and start hand sewing it on so I can enter it in the show also. I've held off entering it in any show 'cause I didn't want a judge to criticize it, silly, I know. But this is my Sunny Lanes quilt that I love so much, the first bed quilt for me after 20-some years of quilting. Oh, well - I'll just remind myself that most of us don't enter our quilts in shows to win ribbons. This quilt is a crowdpleaser, so I think the visitors to our show will enjoy it.


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Well, I had planned on it! It was to be a nice break from nursing my DH, who had an eyelid and brow lift last week. His stitches came out Thursday morning.

But just after midnight Friday a.m., a call from an ambulance - my son was found unconscious, next to his bicycle. So off to the trauma center. Son will be fine, but he has severe contusions to his left eye, chin, right hand, and left knee, as well as general bruising all over his chest. THANK GOD he was wearing his helmet! Friends riding a few minutes behind him found him and called 911.

As he posted on his Facebook page (with a gory photo) "Face versus Pavement: Pavement ALWAYS wins."

We were in the ER for about 8 hours, and then brought him home so we could watch for evidence of concussion. And cosset him, of course, LOL.

So having been up for more than 24 hours, I took a nap!!

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It is a beauty, so enter it!!!

Watching the last of Little League World Series!

And I have to clean up my messy place this weekend - the bug man commeth!

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Oh Mary! How terrifying! I'm so glad son will be OK and dh healing. You must be exhausted!

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Mary-I would be shaking too much to quilt! Kids! Big Kids!! Big Boy Kids!! I feel your pain ~ REALLY!!! Hope both your guys heal fast!

Thank you, my friends, for allowing me to be messy ~ "I'm an Artiste!" LOL. I did manage to turn my back on the mess and sew for a few hours - most of it is Paper work mess - an on again, off again business project......grrrrrr......

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I hit submit too fast - Teresa, I love your Sunny Lanes quilt. You should share your talent & accomplishments and enjoy the Quilt Show and feel proud. Your quilt will bring smiles and pleasure to the spectators. That's what its all about. People will love it - make sure you take a picture of it hanging at the show, just for you!

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Mary, so glad to hear your son will be okay. And thankful that his friends were near.

Dan, I hope you're feeling better!


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" Kids! Big Kids!! Big Boy Kids!! "

Yep, exactly Marsha!

What really disturbs me is that DS doesn't remember anything about the accident. It's not surprising, given the head injury, but his friends think he might actually have been clipped by a car. The driver might not even have noticed. Or maybe he hit some debris on the road.

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Mary ~ they get Battle scars to tell stories and we get grey hair from their encounters with the pavement! and whatever else.
Mine involved a long board (skateboard) in the city with a cop friend who knew he needed an ambulance right away! My 'Big Boy Kid' never had a skateboard when he was a teenager - waited until he was "grown - up"! Yeah-the Pavement won!

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Dan, sorry about the flu. Bummer

Mary, wow, how lucky that he rides with friends and not alone. Sure sounds like a scary time for you.

Teresa, know how that feels. I only entered once and I'll never forget the only comment it got, "straight lines should be straight". I still have the quilt and I don't think it's crooked at all!

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Good News! I woke up feeling good this morning, so I'd say this flu bug is just about beaten! I'm still going to take it easy for the next two days, but I'll be able to enjoy freezing my tomatoes this afternoon! A lot of things didn't grow around here this year because of the weather, but there's a bumper crop of tomatoes, and that means sauce and salsa for the next year will be homemade! Yum! I'm freezing them in quart-sized bags so it'll basically be one bag/one meal. It feels great to be able to sit/stand/walk without getting light-headed!

After getting my tomatoes done, I believe I'll begin working on this lap quilt. It'll be a lot of fun!


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