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ritaweedaAugust 3, 2012

I used some muslin that I bought by the bolt way back at Joann's to back this one scrap flannel quilt I made recently. It was just a couch quilt so I didn't want to go out and spend money on backing. On the bolt it said "preshrunk". NOT! I washed it today. You know the rest of the story.

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Sorry Rita (((huggs)))! It is such a pain to put so much time in to a quilt to have the backing shrink!

I have lost faith in Joanns. I bought some fabric when I was in Florida and it felt like a fairly good quality and was a pretty print.

I prewashed it in cold water and it faded so much I couldn't use it. This was not a dark color either but a pretty pastel. I used it in a charity quilt for an animal hospital.

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You know, I'm one of those who ALWAYS immediately washes all new fabric as soon as it comes into the house. But this I didn't because I saw the preshrunk notice on it. And since it's muslin there was no danger of fading. I do most always buy at Joann's because I can't afford to go to the LQS except for very special times when they have a big sale and I want to splurge some.

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Oh no, Rita!

I don't often pre-wash muslin so I understand why you didn't.

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I am so sorry to hear of this and then thank my lucky stars. I purchased an end of bolt about a year or so ago at Joanne's, 40% off sale. I immediately washed it, wished I hadn't becuase it was so wrinkled it took forever to iron. Anyway, I just used it for the backing of small charity quilt...hearing your story... anything from Joanne's goes in the wash immediately.

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So sorry. I just hold my breath and sew lately. Used to prewash everything, especially batiks. Since most of my fabric is from quilt shops I've been pretty lucky...well if you don't count the price!!!!

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I pre-wash ALL fabric,even muslin.

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So sorry Rita this happened. How bad is it? perhaps you can rewet in cool water,spin gently and block the entire quilt while damp. Make sure it is on a clean sheet or towels (I would use towels)make sure it is square, pin to the towels, and let it dry. blowing a fan across it will help. You might be able to get the shape back, and reclaim some area from those tighten fibers. Just a thought.

I also preshrink everything ~especially muslin.

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Rita, I'm sorry to hear that! But I can tell you from experience if you prewash that muslin you can't ever get the wrinkles out.


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So sorry about the muslin backing problem.
I had preshrunk some Moda muslin and it was hard to iron. Never did get all the wrinkles out.

THX for posting,

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I only use the Kona Premium muslin. It has a very high thread count. It does wrinkle when washed, but I take it out of the dryer when it is damp and iron it immediately. I have not had a problem with horrible wrinkles.

I also fold it and baste the ends before washing to keep it from twisting into a mess in the washer.

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