jennifer_in_vaAugust 13, 2013

Anyone else getting weird stuff from GW??

I just got two different posts emailed to me from the Quilt Challenge thread (the original one) that were posts made on July 29th! One that I made and one from someone else. weird.

But then I come here and the thread is down at the bottom of the page with no new comments added.

And then, since yesterday, I think, there's a thread at the top that has no Subject line. How does that happen?

Weird things are happening here!!! Anyone else notice anything?

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Yup! Got one that you sent me a few weeks ago. And another that you sent someone else.

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And a message posted yesterday has disappeared. Gremlins for sure,

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I'm getting a whole strange layout, with ads on top and both sides. The forums' print is so tiny I can barely read it even with the monitor set to enlarge it to maximum. Grrr. If this continues, either I get a magnifying glass or give up GW.... love reading y'alls posts, but there are too many other sites that don't give me a headache!

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I have the strange message at the top. Meldy, that happened to me when I used Firefox so changed to Googlechrome and don't have the problem.

Gremlins indeed!


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meldy, To make the print larger, hold down the control key and roll the mouse wheel forward until it's the size you want. Reverse process to make smaller. I think it was Kate that told me about this trick.


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