What do you suppose this word should be?

marti8aAugust 5, 2014

This is the wording exactly as it is in the listing:

"Courgious older home on beautiful Treed Lot with privacy fenced yard. This home features ceramic title carpet, cozy wood burning fireplace with gas starter. built in Microwave and lots more."

Courgious must be a typo for something, but I can't figure out what. Not gorgeous (very plain house).

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Not gorgeous (very plain house).
And a realtor wouldn't over sell a house's look! :)

I'm pretty sure it's 'gorgeous' even though you think it isn't a very pretty house.
Makes me wonder if the wood burning fireplace is actually cozy or not. I don't feel like I can trust this realtor anymore.

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LOL, well I had to call on it, and it is gorgeous. Carpet isn't new, has laminate flooring in the living room, kitchen needs updating (looks like original laminate counters), and plain hollow core doors throughout.

But with the falling prices around here, I guess I can understand the oversell.

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The correct word would be "courageous". As in, it will take all your courage to buy this house.

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Ceramic title carpet?
That does sound Courgious.

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I have to chime in here.

Despite the lack of proofreading by the realtor, the house sounds like it was someone's home, not just a house.

When you're raising a family, the money is better spent on them, not having a fully updated kitchen with granite countertops and stainless appliances.
Laminate is a great product for kitchens, and was the go to surface in millions of homes throughout the country because its durable and needs no maintenance like granite does.

It sounds like the owners wanted something nice in the living room but couldn't afford the high cost of solid wood.

Why should they install new carpet? The buyer comes along, sees the new carpet, says it's ugly and wants the seller to pay to replace it.

Hollow core doors are very common in a LOT of homes. I know of nobody who would want to replace every door in the house.

Cozy fireplace? Sure. It just depends on where you live. Here in the north, they are very common.

To me that house sounds completely normal. In other words, lived in and functional. To disparage it for that reason, to me just isn't right.

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I'm not saying it wasn't a nice house, just not a courgious home, i.e. no outstanding features.

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Any home where a family put down roots and lived in it is indeed a "courgious home".

The listing agent is either new, so s/he gors over the top in describing the house, illiterate, or both.

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Hmmm.. one of the strongest opinions I've heard from DW is that the hollow core doors were horrible and had to go. And so they did. They were awful doors, but make nice temporary work benches when set up on a couple sawhorses. Getting rid of them was one of the single biggest improvements to the look and feel of the old part of the house.

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Too funny marti8a- maybe the word is a cross between gorgeous and courteous- a winning combination for any homeowner or buyer. Thanks for the lighthearted post.

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Y'all just don't read between the lines:
they have dogs & the house is 'corgi-ous'.

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I saw this once: "Home moaners' association".

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That one is pretty accurate.

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