Fabric Inheritance!

vacuumfreakAugust 13, 2013

My grandmother died a month ago and she was a hand quilter... I'm the only other person in the family who sews so the family decided I should get her fabric. I went to visit them on Sunday and we went to her house to go through some of the stuff... and I came away with 5 trash bags full of her fabric. Wow, she had a lot of variety!

Some of it is more contemporary than I imagined... I know a lot of it came from thrift stores and yard sales, and some of it is quite old because I still have remnants in my stash that she gave me when I was a pre-teen and wanting to learn to sew.... now I've got the rest of the yardage those remnants came from!

Being such an adamant hand quilter, she'll be rolling over in her grave as I start running her fabric under the presser feet of various sewing machines, but I think she'd be happy it will be getting good use nonetheless.

It couldn't have come at a better time because my stash is running low and I needed a lot of the colors she had (solid white, red, and blue mostly... she barely had any green at all!).

Granny didn't have much money, but for a quilter, a fabric inheritance is better than cash any day of the week! Now I have to figure out what to do with it!

The cat seems to already approve! The only problem is that it still smells like her house which isn't unpleasant, but a definite reminder.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my inheritance with you and of course I'll share pictures of whatever I make with it.

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Oh, lucky you! I think I have some of those in my collection, too. Is that John Deer fabric I spy?


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I especially like the glowing eyes of the cat lording it over the stash ;-)

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Sorry for the loss of your grandmother but happy you have her fabric stash. We will be watching for new items made with it.
Linda OH

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What a treasure and what a legacy...looking forward to seeing your creations!

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She would be pleased that it has found a good home. Enjoy.

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So sorry for your loss Bobby. I am very happy you were able to reconnect with your Granny and family. She would be very pleased you have her fabric stash-even if you just look at it and never sew a stitch! Enjoy the memories and keep her in your heart.
Kitty looks possessed! :~)

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Had to smile at the 'sewing kitty'. How typically cat to claim a large hill of fabric for its own. I came into a huge collection of material from my mother's cache, and several more stashes my ex DIL gave me from other sewer's. Some of it with lots of yardage in one material. It very much influences your next quilts because one tends to look at designs in which they can use what they have on hand. It becomes a challenge and can lead you to do patterns and combinations you'd have not thought about on your own, but end up liking a lot.

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Even the cat can't believe all of that belongs to you! Now you can just sit back and look at it until you feel inspired to continue on to the next step.....enhancing your stash. :-)

Congratz on your inheritance!


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Bobby you should take some of your favorite fabrics from her stash and create some quilt blocks that you can frame to decorate your home with and that can be passed on to future generations of your family. Hobby Lobby sells black 12" x 12" frames for $9.99 and if you print out their 40% off coupons and buy them 1 at a time, you can get them even cheaper than that. I think it would make for some nice sentimental framed quilting art to help you remember her by. Have fun playing with all that fabric.

Best to you,

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