what kind of closet doors?

haj56January 31, 2013

I'm remodeling my 50's bungalow and adding on a guest room,
laundry room, bathroom, kitchen. It's going to be great!
My BR closet is getting a rehab, too, combining three
small closets into one continous 12-foot run. It will be
conceptually divided into two halves, but all one behind.

What kind of doors would be best? The goal is maximum
access. I'm thinking two pairs of 36" sliding doors, but
is that too big? Will they wobble & stick?
The door that opens into the room is 32" and swings in to
the closet wall, so swing doors would only work if the
BR entry door was closed.

I guess I'm asking about sliding vs folding doors. Anyone
have good/bad/ugly experiences with either?



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Hi - I have replaced bifold doors on my foyer closet, because the first set came off the track repeatedy and wasn't easy to get back in. The second set of doors was supposedly better, bought at Home Depot, but also comes off sometimes, though not as often. Drives me crazy. I am soon changing them to swing out, because I have the room and it was highly recommended by the "experts." I hesitated because I thought it would be a heavier look and because of the space the door takes up when you open it, but as the door person and my kitchen designer pointed out, in a foyer, you open that closet door and shut it right away -- whereas in a bedroom you may be more likely to leave it open and walk away.
I was in a hotel recently that had nice, heavy sliding doors on the closet and I thought, aha!, that's what I should do. But someone pointed out to me that in a bedroom closet, especially, you are going to want to be able to see everything in the closet at once -- that is, open both doors at once. With sliders, you're limited to seeing what's on one side, then sliding the door over to see what's on the other side. I think in a foyer that would be fine, but in a bedroom, it would be a deal breaker for me. Since you don't have the room to accommodate double doors that open out, my advice is to go with the bifolds, as problematic as they can be, and buy the best doors and track system you can afford. Some have a system where the piece that goes into the track can be pushed down, making it very easy to get the door back in the track. Sorry, I don't have a brand to recommend and, in terms of size, I don't have any advice either!

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I hate folding doors. They always look crooked and come off the track. I would put in sliding doors if regular doors won't work.

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If you want clear opening space and have the room, use double doors. Even multiple sets of double doors if need be.

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Double hinged doors would the be dependable and durable way to do this. Sliding doors only allow access to half the opening at a time. IMO, they look and sound cheap when opened and closed. Folding doors are even worse.

Good luck with your project.

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Thank you all! I am hearing on all fronts that sliding
door of all kinds, bifold doors, pocket doors: all have
problems. I don't like problems. Plus, I normally have a
hairy dog in my midst. I suddenly had visions of tracks
clogged with dog hair....

I can do three pairs of narrow (20") doors across my wall
of closets. That still leaves room for the chest of
drawers arrangement I had in mind and could look pretty
spiffy. Just have to close the BR door to get into the
farthest section of closet, which is OK. Small house, must
compromise somewhere.

Thanks for all your very helpful advice.


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I echo double doors too. I will do that in my spare bedrooms

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I think problems with bifold doors may be related to quality and installation. I bought a solid fir bifold door from a local lumber yard. It was quite a bit more expensive that doors at the big box stores, and it took an hour to install and adjust it. However, the profile matches the regular doors in my house, it feels very solid, opens and closes smoothly, and never comes off the tracks.

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I did 3 sets of french doors and I love both the function and the way it looks...

Here is a link that might be useful: french doors for closet

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