Okay here in VA

jennifer_in_vaAugust 23, 2011

First, and foremost, we're fine.

There hasn't been an earthquake of this magnatude in this area since something like 1869 or something like that. And I missed it! How did I miss it, you might ask? Well...

The kids and I were heading south on I95 heading to the water park at the local amusement park about 30 miles south of us. Actually closer to the epicenter! We felt nothing. Got to the park to find they'd closed everything in order to do a full inspection of all rides before reopening. Turned around and came home.

Only new about the earthquake because DH was at work near DC and heard the rumble, then the house (building) began to pitch (shake,) the rooms to twitch! [Sorry. couldn't resist!] He actually watched the walls of his building moving. Then they all evacuated outside. They closed the office and he beat us home. He called us before heading home and told me about it all.

So, the kids played a game of "what's wrong after the earthquake" when we got home. They've identified all sorts of things in every room. The poor dog was here alone with things falling down around him. Fortunately, he was protected by his crate and nothing major fell.

Hope all is well with everyone else. It's quite a story to tell... One that I didn't experience! LOL

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Glad all is well at your house. How far are you from the epicenter? I know a gal who lives about 90 miles away and she thought her house was falling down. Be careful opening cupboard doors in case the contents have shifted waiting to fall out on your head.


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My DD felt it in Columbus, OH. She was at work and her chair was moving as were the plants in her office.
Linda OH

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We're about 25 miles from the epicenter. Things shook pretty well, apparently.

DH has already blamed me for booby trapping the closet when a purse fell on his head!

Friend in Rochester, NY felt it, and they are saying Rhode Island south to North Carolina, west to Tennessee.

Lake Anna Nuclear Power Plant is only about 7 miles from the epicenter. It automatically shut down and is running on diesel generators until things get all checked out.

Earthquake on Tuesday, hurricane on Saturday. What's next? Tornados? [They've already ruled out tsunami.]

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Thanks for checking in Jennifer.

I am about 125 miles from it, and my walls were swaying.
The docks and piers were swaying and the boats on lifts looked like toys. It was eerie - scary.
We heard it (or the house moving) before we actually felt it.

Now,we have to get ready for 'Irene' - should be here this weekend.

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We definitely felt it at my office today - and we are miles south of the quake center! First I thought it was the vibration from the railroad tracks in front of the office.... nope, no train....then, I thought it was a vibration caused by all the heavy equipment here remodeling the office....no....not a sound of earth movers or anything. Then a guy in Credit (who has been through earthquakes) came out of his office and told us all he was pretty sure it was an earthquake.

We were all pretty much left shaken up and our jaws dropped! First time I have ever felt an earthquake....it is a very weird sensation....


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I live east of Harrisburg, PA and I heard what sounded like a big truck racing down the road. Lasted a few seconds, where my husband works some of the buildings lights swayed and other buildings had nothing.

The quake here in the Reading area about 12 years ago, was one that we felt the house shake a bit and things fell off the wall -this was mild, which was a good thing.

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Jennifer, were you going to Kings Dominion, by any chance? We've seen it from the road when we visited our friends in Richmond.

My sister lives in DC and they had the same thing as your DH...fire alarm was turned on and everyone evacuated to the street, then after a bit they sent all 2 zillion Federal employees home in the middle of the afternoon. It took her 4 hours to get home on Metro (usually about a half hour trip)! She said it was eerily reminiscent of 9-11.


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I wonder if my folks felt it in WV? I'll have to email one of them. That's one thing I don't ever want to experience. We actually had a slight one here in Florida about 3 or 4 years ago, but I was outside and didn't know it. It was out in the Gulf of Mexico. My son called me up and asked me if I felt it, I said "what on earth are you talking about??" Found out later he wasn't nuts.

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Yes, Donna. Kings Dominion. Hopefully everything will be back to normal tomorrow since I promised a return trip!

And, yes. Letting 2 million people off work at the same time totally wreaks havoc on the transportation system. Fortunately, DH was ahead of it all and it didn't take him long.

Tomorrow will be a better day!

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Thanks for letting us know you are okay. My son is in Toronto and he says his building was swaying an unnerving amount. Crazy times.


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Thanks for checking in. I'm glad everything is ok at your house and hope the aftershocks aren't bad.


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I'm glad to hear everyone is OK and only minor damage. Irene looks to be a pretty big threat for the weekend. Batten down the hatches!! My brother and his wife are supposed to check into Myrtle Beach on Friday. They're still trying to figure out how there plans are going to change. They live in the Atlanta area and last January they were trying to get to Charleston to go on a cruise and had to leave Atlanta early (so they wouldn't miss their boat) because of a snow storm. I told them I don't think I'm going to plan a vacation with them any time soon!


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Glad everything is okay for everyone! My power flickered off and on a couple of times about the same time here in Knoxville. Not sure if it was related or not. We have had minor earthquakes here. I remember one as a child that knocked everything off the wall and crack the foundation of the house. Our road had a crack and dip form across it. We called it our reverse speed bump.


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I read where one elderly quilter thought she was having a dizzy spell.

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I felt it up here in Allentown, PA. I thought the cats were just being extra crazy, because they were running around. Okay, and I might have taken a percoset for my knee and been a little dizzy anyway.

I didn't even KNOW about the earthquake until my brother texted me and said "Hey. Heard about the earthquake. You okay?" Apparently, my mom (in MN) was freaking out because she tried to call me a million and a half times but I had my phone on silent because I took a nap, so he texted me.

One of my friends is from CA and was like "Huh. There's an earthquake. Hmm. Thought I'd escaped that."

~ Kit

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