Prep sink size?

Kristen HallockApril 1, 2013

I am having a prep sink on my island. I really dont know what sink to buy! The cabinet is 24" wide.

I already bought my main sink - a Blanco wave undermount stainless steel sink. I was going to just get another Blanco (single bowl) sink that was smaller. But then I was looking at and the prices on that website are much less! They have sinks that look similar to the Blanco sink I was going to buy for a prep sink.

Should I stick with Blanco so that the finishes match? Will it really even be noticeable? Should my main sink and prep sink have a similar shape?

DH wants a small prep sink. but i've seen people post here that they got the largest one they could fit. I'm not sure what to do. I've never had a prep sink before.

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Rachiele, LLC

I would be careful about other brands of stainless sinks. I have heard that some that have been imported from China have rusted. Blanco is one of the best stainless sink manufacturers in the world, in my opinion. I would stick with them. As for size... I have never heard anyone complain about a sink that was too large!

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Typically bar prep sinks are 15-18" W

All stainless steel will match, make sure you are getting at least 18 guauge thickness and you should be good to go.

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Your title say size, but you seem to be more concerned about price. Besides the price or matching finish, the quality of the stainless, the overall quality of the manufacture, the gauge or thickness of the metal, the use or lack of an undercoating to reduce noise, delivery and availability, return policy if the sink isn't what was expected, whether the manufacturer and the dealer will be around to deal with any issues should they arise and more should factor into your decision make sure you are factoring all these things into your decision. The sink will be used daily, probably many times daily, and for a long time. Depending on how it is mounted, replacing it could be a real pain -- and is likely to cost more than the savings you are looking at just to pull it out, disconnect and reconnect the plumbing. There are plenty of reasons not to skimp.

Personally, I would not go smaller than 15x15 (close to what I have --and a Blanco, BTW) or 16 x16 for a prep sink, and if you have room for 18 inches or more, that can be a good thing. I would also try to have an 8 or 9 inch depth to reduce splashing in a smaller bowl and to be able to fit colanders,e tc. I was trying to balance the need for work space on my island and am very happy I didn't go smaller . I might have been able to go slightly larger, but I have a 21" depth cabinet and I think we balanced everything we were working with pretty well.

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Mine is 12 x 14 (elkay). It fits a large collander, which is what I wanted min. We started out with a 24" cab planned, but ended up shrinking it to 20" when we decided on that sink, and that gave me 4" more on a drawer stack in the island. I wanted to maximize counter space. I'm happy with the size.

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