Looking for large tiles (4x12)ish for backsplash

nadine33April 23, 2013

Does anyone have any pics of their backsplash using larger subway style tile approx 4x12 (or some variation), and/or suggestions of where to find them? I've found only a couple places so far. I'm looking at both glass (SUPER expensive) and ceramic/porcelain too. I've seen some with the staggered design style, but many with them lined up and that looks pretty sweet.

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Hi Nadine,

If you do a search on Houzz for "4x12 tile" (don't use backsplash or subway words) quite a few photos come up. The designers are usually responsive to queries, if someone hasn't asked the source, already.

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Daltile Modern Dimensions tile comes in 4x12 (glossy as well as matte finish). We used their Arctic White tile in that size as field tile in two bathrooms. In the guest bathroom shower we had it installed vertically (in a kind of a step pattern), and on our Hall bathroom tub surround we had it installed horizontally (brick joint pattern?).

They cost more than the standard size subways, but still pretty reasonable if I recall. We got them from a local store that extended to us our tile guy's discount since we were ordering and paying for the tile upfront ourselves.

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For our kitchen, we used a 4 x 16 white matte porcelain tile as the field tile for our backsplash, installed in a running bond pattern (not the stacked). I didn't like the stacked look as well because I was trying to emphasize the horizontal rather than the vertical. It also comes in glossy which I didn't want to use because we have honed dark granite and I wanted to keep the matte look for the backsplash too.

I love the elongated look of it, and we used a very thin natural stone as an accent stripe and some small glass mosaic tiles that tie in the field tile, floor and counter colors. It came out exactly as I pictured it (which often wasn't the case!) and I'm really happy with it. A classic, but with a bit of a twist.

If you're interested in that longer size, I can have my husband dig up the info on it. We got it through a local tile store. I don't have photos yet (it's a weekend place and I'm waiting for good weather), but I'm so glad I went with the longer tile. It's different and fewer grout lines.

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Heath also makes large format tiles - but they are expensive (not super expensive but higher than average)

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You can get glass tiles in 4 x 12 or 3 x 12 from Villi, AKDO, and Modwalls. I'm sure there are plenty of others, but those are just the brands we looked at. We did them stacked up and love that look.

Happy searching!

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We have 3x12 glass in a staggered pattern. It was just around $15 sq. ft.

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Mine are 4 x 24, rectified porcelain. Mine are parkland acadia by StonePeak Ceramics.

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Actually mine are 6 x 24, not 4 x 24.

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Thanks everyone. I found mod walls and Akdo, but they're more then I would like to spend. Currently looking at the dal tiles.

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Lowes sells

Interceramic 4.25-in x 12.75-in IC Brites White for $4.28 per square foot.


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We have Marca Corona Italian Stone in Orca waiting to go on our walls. It comes in 4 x 12 and 4 x 4 plus some accent tiles. Someday it will be on our walls...

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I just had Bellavita Creekside glass 3x12 tile put on our backsplash. They are beautiful. Don't remember the price. They come in 8 colors I believe. HTH.

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Cat mom-we are going to use daltile modern dimensions for our kitchen backsplash. Would it be possible for you to post a picture of your hall bathroom where you went with the 4x12 in a horizontal brick pattern? That's what we'd like to do!

Mountaineer2: I looked at every color of the bellavita bamboo glass tile-none was quite right. I was so bummed out because it is gorgeous!!! DH wanted to go with ceramic tile which is why we turned to the daltile. But if I were on my own, I'd get samples of all of the creek side to see if any would work. Sooooo pretty!

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