Removing inset from edges of Corian?

maryann0625August 4, 2008

We have Corian countertops with one-piece sink -- all in very good condition. Unfortunately, we had opted for the inset, a stripe of color running around the side edge of the Corian throughout the kitchen -- and the inset color is nowhere in sight in current decorating. Before listing, we're going to remove the wallpaper and just paint in a neutral color. Does anyone know of any way to remove the inset stripe so I can replace it with another color or the color that matches the rest of the countertop? I have some pieces of the main color left over that would probably be enough to do the job, but I haven't been able to find anyone willing to tackle it. The countertop does butt up against a wall in five places. Thanks for any ideas anyone can provide!

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If you can't find a trained pro willing to do it, I would just skip it and do the walls and maybe window treatments. Just work around it. It will probably come back in style again. Just my opinion.

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Not enough information. What color is you Corian. How wide is the inset? Is it on the outside edge or inside the counter? How far from the edge? Deep color or light color?

An inset on solid surface counters can be done two ways. As an inset it would be a piece of solid material bonded into place with the existing material. It could also be a strip of material sandwiched between two pieces of the main slab. A third option is an inlay that is melted material poured into a routed out area where the contrast is wanted.

Is this Corian or are you using Corian as a generic term? Some solid surface come in several composites.

Whatever you decide if it can be done it will be expensive. You could end up spending a lot to fix something that isn't broken. What if the potential buyer hates Corian and will tear it all out and replace with granite or tile or whatever they prefer? I'd personally save my money and put it somewhere else to make the house more desirable.

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What color is the inset? I would probably not worry about it.

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Thanks so much for your responses. Here are the answers to the questions some of you raised.

It really is Corian. The main color is white with tiny black and gray speckles, but the overall look is white. The inset is on the outside edge sandwiched as a layer in between the white -- 3/4" of white, 1/2" of rose, and then another 3/4" of white. I wasn't home when it was installed, so I really don't know how it was put together. The inset was a color called old rose or something like that, but most people who see it describe it as mauve. I have white raised-panel cabinets, a white tile backsplash, black appliances and an oak hardwood floor. The wall color will become a neutral sandy beige color, to match the adjacent family room. The kitchen is bright and sunny, with lots of windows.

I'm trying to figure out whether it's worth trying to get the inset removed, trying to replace with quartz, granite or a different Corian (without an inset!), or just leave it alone.

Thanks for any additional thoughts.

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I doubt if the inset was assembled onsite. We have sahara with rounded edge and a bisque strip running through it. When the countertop was installed the stripe was already in it. I would be very surprised if it is removable. Have you called your fabricator or emailed corian to ask?

If money is no object, then rip it all out and start over. I wouldn't do it, but obviously it's not my decision.

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My grandfather, father, and brother are/were all corian fabricators. You can't pull the stripe out without destroying the countertop. Leave it alone.

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How about just adding a wood trim edge on top that goes with your cabinets?

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You want to do this before selling your house? The problem is if you spend thousands on Granite or Quartz there is a good chance that what you pick is not what your buyer would.

Have you talked to your realtor about it? Can you add a couple of other touches of deep rose to balance it? I don't know if this would help or not, though.

Can it be painted with a good paint? You would have to be very careful here to make it look okay.

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All of you, thanks for your input. Disneyrsh, thanks especially for the insights from your Corian fabricator relatives. I hadn't been able to get any fabricator interested in even talking about this, and you all helped to confirm what I had been hearing.

It was my realtor who suggested changing the inset if possible -- and we now know that it's not. She said that changing to a neutral granite might not get us any more money but might make the house sell more quickly in this relatively stagnant market.

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"...might not get any more money..... but might make the house sell more quickly."

What is the operative word here? "Might."

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