Crayon Crayola Quilts

rosajoe_gwAugust 18, 2011

I have been wanting to try the crayon quilts so I searched 'Crayon Crayola quilts' and this came up. Since it is from an Internet search accessible by anyone I felt it was OK to post it here??????? I know some of our posts will come up in searches. If anyone feels like I have violated anything please let me know and I will request to have it deleted.

The instructions I found said to color, cover and iron, then brush on Aloe Vera and let dry overnight. The first quilt I saw colored that caught my attention was a traditional with vines and flowers colored in the borders, then embroidered around the drawings in a running stitch. It was gorgeous!!!!!


Here is a link that might be useful: CrayonCrayolaQuilt

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I saw that quilt yesterday ~ isn't it beautiful??
What's the purpose of Aloe Vera? I would be afraid of staining. Is that what she does?

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Here is what I have found on the Net:
'Before you color, spread 100% pure aloe vera gel on the fabric--enough to wet the cloth pretty thoroughly--let dry. When you color it glides over the fabric with minimal drag. The aloe vera also inhibits bleeding and changes the intensity of the ink color to get fabulous shading.'

I also thought about stains because you iron before washing out the Aloe Vero!

I have printed out some pages and I am going to try it this weekend.
I'll let you know lol!!!

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Love that and can't wait to see how it works out for you.

Isn't aloe vera gel green??

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Rosa, that looks really cool. I will be excited to see some pictures when you give it a try. Wonder how it works on a colored fabric, not white...


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Rosa, are you using regular crayons? Crayola makes fabric crayons. It also says to use synthetic - not 100% cotton.

2 links - Crayola site - transferring the drawing
and a craft site:

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I haven't heard of this technique and I will be anxious to see how this turns out. I love the quilt you found on-line!! My dd loves to color and this would be a great project for her. She is also loves to put rhinestones on everything. This could be a great idea for her to use in a quilt!!


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What a great project. Thanks for sharing. Would love to see how you made out with your project. Be sure to show pics when done.

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Different sites do give conflicting advice!!!!! I was told to use 100% cotton only and prewash fabric, let dry, and wet area to be painted with Aloe Vera. They are crayons not fabric markers. That is why I'm testing it, 'cause many said it will not wash out, but some reported it did.

Aloe Vera is a clear gel (about $4) that you can find in the sun tanning area of the drug store.

I pretreated the 100% cotton square last night, let it dry, colored it, and brushed it again with the Aloe Vera. It's cute but still looks like colored pages lol!!!!

I need more colors I only have 24 and no pink LOL!!!! The quilt in the pic is more like Tole painting than coloring. Lots of different colors and shading.

I pressed and let cool and pressed again until there was no more dye coming off. The Aloe Vera did make it look a little more intense and did not turn yellow after many pressings.

So far it works well, now to see how it looks after washing.

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I didn't use aloe vera when I used crayon on a quilt and I thought it turned out fine. I don't remember any bleeding but I'll have to check again. I do love the shading she got with the snowmen.

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