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rajerseyAugust 22, 2009

We just moved in to a Central Jersey town 2 months ago from mid-west. There is an open drainage for rain water in front of our house and the twp won't fix it. First we've approached the twp officials and then the mayor about the problem. They have been very stubborn in not fixing unless we chip in part of the expenses even though it's located on the twp property. We can't blame the seller since he's failed in his own attempts. Has anyone faced situations like this? If so, how did you make the twp do it? Is there anything we can do legally?

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What is twp? and if it is not located on your propery and is a health concern, contact the EPA. But not being familiar with NJ laws and hearing some unhealthy comments about part of that state, I would be careful.

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The OP probably means "township." I can't visualize what he/she means, though. Is it some kind of drainage ditch or detention pond?

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"There is an open drainage for rain water in front of our house and the twp won't fix it. "

Are you talking about a grated storm drain?

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I'm envisioning a culvert or ditch runing along the roadway in front of your property.

Technically, only an enclosed tunnel under a road or your driveway would be classified as a culvert, and a cutting next to a road would be a ditch.

What is the problem needing to be fixed - silted up, weeded up, a boggy bug infested nuisance, water overflows and doesn't drain away? I'm guessing even though the township has easement rights, etc., any fix would result in your being assessed for cost/part of cost for any repair.

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