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schoolhouse_gwAugust 28, 2012

Am a member of GW, but have never had occasion to post on this forum, so forgive me for asking probably a much-asked question. Or direct me to a link as the Search function as we know is not always reliable.

Someone on the Home Decorating forum posted this adorable vintage wall hanging. I have asked my Mom's quilting group to reproduce it for me in a 12" X 16" size. How do I make the pattern for them? apparently they need each object (tea pot, cup,ect) as this is appliqu�. Is there a free online source to make patterns? Thank you for any help.

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Just print out that photo and figure out by what percentage you need to enlarge the image to get the size you want. Then print out the individual items enlarged by that percentage. Cut those elements out, and there's your pattern.

A copy shop can help you with the math, and print it out to exactly your specs. Have several copies made, so there is more than one to cut up, just in case.

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I think Mary has it. Just copy and print, then enlarge to the size you want. Kinkos can help. If you don't need exactly those specific tea pots, etc, then you can go to, click on Images and do a search for whatever shape you want. None of the images in your wallhanging are very detailed or difficult so it should be easy to find what you want.

Hope that helps!

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Yes, you both HELPED! Will take it to a copy shop - many thanks.

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Another thing - you can have one printed in color as a guide, but the copies to cut up can be done is gray-scale. That might save a few dollars.

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Will do, mary c. Thanks again.

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