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salbwilJanuary 8, 2014

I am trying to convince my husband that adding a breezeway and garage with master bedroom above is a good idea. We are getting on in years and our house is a Victorian / farmhouse design (designed ourselves).
We had to blast to build on our lot and he is saying it would be too expensive to do this addition. We live in the Northeast ; can someone ballpark what a small breezeway and garage addition ( heat, plumbing , etc ) might go for ?

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Sophie Wheeler

Not a good idea for aging in place unless you want to add an elevator which would add another 15K in expense to the 150K average construction costs for the suite and garage. If you plan on anything, it should probably be downstairs, and involve universal design principles. IF you want to stay in the home.

Here is a link that might be useful: Renovation costs.

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Thank you Holly,
The garage would be below grade , putting the master at street level, off the living/dining area.....being the whole idea for the addition . Having the garage in snow season is the added benefit.
Thank you for the link.

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So, uphill out of the garage? That means a very long drive slope, meaning even more money and hassle.

Very bad idea in snow country---how is the snow/runoff(run IN in this case) water going to be handled?

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Sophie Wheeler

Is there enough grade change to the lot to not have the garage be a giant swimming pool? Having it essentially be downstairs only works if the out has a good bit of slope. Even then you'd need an elevator to go up stairs to the main living area if you don't want to move to assisted living at a later date. Stairs to bring in groceries is an big PIA even when you are young.

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Driveway now and basement entrance are at grade. Main living area is up one flight of stairs to porch and house from driveway and street, so garage would be at street level and master wing (above garage) would be at main level. Yard slopes down to driveway .Basement living area is half above ground and half below with basement door at driveway .Am I being clear here or confusing ?

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Photos or a diagram would help some of us who have trouble visualizing from words : )

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I think I get it, but yes, a picture would help. Would you have to do any blasting for the new garage? What is the breezeway for? If the bedroom is attached to the house, and the garage is beneath it, where is the breezeway? Would the basement door open into the new garage, and become your garage entrance to the house?

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I would make a window in the dining room into a doorway into a breezeway type addition that would connect to the garage under/master over . The garage/master would be at an angle to the breezeway and line up with the driveway as it is now . The yard where this addition will be is about four feet above the present driveway. Not sure how to attach a drawing /picture, but will try.

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