Replacing patio door and window, new construction or retrofit?

janesylviaJanuary 10, 2007

I have 4 sliding patio doors and one horizontal sliding window. Is it better to use new construction or retrofit?

Different dealers gave me different suggestions. I got confused. So which one is better for my situation? My current windows are aluminum ones. It's a 1970 house.

I decided on Milgard vinyl. But one salesman tried to convince me to buy anlin. She said with similar price as Milgard, Anlin has triple coating and argon gas. My main concern is smooth sliding. I am living in the bay area between San Francisco and San Jose. I don't think Argon gas is that important. Am I right?

Thank you very much.

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The difference between new construction doors/windows and replacement doors/windows is fairly simple. New construction doors/windows have a mounting flange that rests on the wall sheathing(plywood/OSB/etc.) The doors/windows are installed before the final wall treatment(siding).

Using new construction doors/windows on a house with siding in place means removing/cutting the siding to allow the flange to rest on the sheathing.

Replacement doors/windows do not have that flange, allowing for installation without disturbing the siding. Some trimming is necessary with either type.

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