Blanco Silgranit Sink

cyndilJanuary 25, 2006

Awhile back there was discussion in this forum about the care/cleaning of Blanco Silgranit sinks. I am extremely disappointed my my Anthracite sink, and Blanco is sending us a new sink. However, before I pay the plumber to make a switch, I am wondering if anyone else is unhappy with this sink. We don't know if we have a lemon, or if the product is really as horrible as the experience that we have had: everything seems to leave a white film in the sink, and only scubbing with Windex gets rid of it. Indeed, I followed directions and cleaned with BlancoClean - nasty film coating developed. I followed directions and cleaned with BarKeepers Friend - nasty film coating developed.

Anybody else unhappy?

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I have had no problems with my Silgranit metallic gray sink. It always looks great. Unlike the SS it replaced which was always water spotted. I would suggest you post this in the Kitchens forum. Lots of silgranit owners over there and most have anthracite sinks.

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I'm really surprised to hear that -- I have one and LOVE it. I'm a regular over in the kitchen forum, and the overwhelming opinion over there is that these sinks are heaven-sent. The only complaint I've heard more than once is that grout haze (and only grout haze) seems to damage the finish on these babies. Like the tiny particles of lime (or whatever it is) gets into the pores and just won't come out. I've also heard to try Crisco...

No spots on mine, and I do abuse it...

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I'm a bit late on this follow-up, but I figured I'd share my experience. Story time, story time, gather 'round.

I have a black Silgranit sink, and recently grouted my tile backsplash. When it was all done, the backsplash looked good, the sink, not so much. I didn't know about how the grout can leave a haze on the Silgranit finish until after seeing it happen to my sink (and reading this thread to see it's a known issue).

I got in touch with the distributor, who told me that she had accompanied a Blanco rep on a "house call". To remove a similar haze, the rep had used CLR and a regular green Scotch-Brite scouring pad.

So it was now my turn. Bottle of CLR, and instead of the green "heavy duty" pad, I went with the blue "no scratch" pad. Poured some CLR into a glass container, dunked the pad, and scoured the sink rather lightly. About 2-3 minutes later, rinsed the sink and dried it. The haze was still there. Second try, this time I put some muscle into it, scouring in circles. Again, after about 2-3 minutes, rinsed and dried. This time, the haze was mostly gone. For grins, I did a final, third pass with the CLR, scrub, and rinse. After the rinse, I made sure all the CLR was gone by going over the sink with soap and water. It works!

Now, I don't know if it's fully recovered, but I think it's darn close. I also have a Silgranit bar sink that I never use, and that sink seems to be blacker, and the water pools better. That may just be a coat of oil or something left over from manufacturing (did I mention I never use my bar sink?). But it's definitely looking nice again. No more ugly haze.

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We got a white Silgranit sink when remodeling. After a bit, it gets dirty on the bottom. Stainless steel rub-offs, etc. So, we tried cleaning it. First we tried soap, then we tried vinegar. Nothing. We tried scrubbers, we tried abrasive cleaners. A little better, but oh I was going to throw a spring. I finally bit the bullet and bought the Blanco cleaner, even giving the sink the benefit of having not been "properly cleaned" since we'd bought it. The cleaner barely made a dent, it would clean the sides a bit but that was it. We (wife and I) were bummed, it seemed we'd wasted our money on the sink.

Then, one day for some reason or another, my wife tried one of those Mr. Magic sponges. Turned out to be Magic indeed! The sink cleans up with EASE. I am not kidding. Wipe, wipe, wipe, clean sink! I came home from work and I noticed it straightaway, a gleaming Blanco Silgranit just as it looked the day it was delivered. I kid you not. NOT A SPOT REMAINED.

Hope someone sees this and is saved!

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Have brown Silgranit sink with whitish streaks on sides. Have always used Blanco cleaner: no go. Tried Mr. Clean Magic Eraser as suggested. Perfect! Good as new with little effort.

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Thanks so much for posting about the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser! Our Blanco sink arrived yesterday and we took it to our granite guys today...saw the whole kitchen granite counters with my new blanco cannot get any better!!!

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Considering a blanco sink. To clarify grout haze...when you grout your backspash, some of the grout gets on the sink and doesn't want to come off? Just want to understand the problem so we don't repeat it. Thanks.

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I think with the haze - some contractors have washed sponges and such in the sink....

We have a Black Blanco sink. 3.5 years, on harder well water. No issues at all! I don't use the special cleaner. I rinse out the sink. Occasionally dry it and if we are having 'special' company I rub the entire thing down with some cooking oil and it shines so nice!

We get LOTS of compliments on the 'black sink!'

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While remodeling our kitchen 2 yrs ago, we purchased a silgranite sink. Mine is a light color - bisque or almond. At first I could removed spots/stains by just rubbng it with a rag. No one every told me what to clean it with. Lately the stains will no longer just rub out - so I have used ZUD cleaner on it and the stains go away but within minutes they bleed back thru. So I am very disappointed in this sink. If its looks this dingy after 2 years....what will it look like in 10 yrs?

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in Kitchen forum this has been discussed. Sooner or later I will dig up those threads and link to them. Or, you can go hunting and find them, too.

start by putting Ajax/Comet powder on the areas where the stains were. Add a drop of water. Wait an hour before doing anything else.

Stay tuned. Post again.


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Just put in the Blanco Cafe mocha kitchen sink( or something like that) this past Fri,and it looks beautiful-- however,after running the water when first installed, I noticed a whiteish splotch near the drain.Barely noticeable,but I notice it & it's brand spanking new!!-- I see where Blanco will replace for inconsistent color,but it is an undermount in granite & I have been without a kitchen for almost 3 months, so I guess I will just have to live with it. Slightly disappointed, but the color goes beautifully with my color scheme.

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I have one (anthracite) that is 6 years old and absolutely LOVE it. Best sink I've owned and I don't do anyhting to it.

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We have had an Blanco anthracite sink for the last four years and I can relate to some of the posts about hazing. Generally, I have been able to keep it looking good using Vim although the side that I use most frequently does look a bit duller. Today, our cabinet installer was dryfitting our old sink in the new cabinet and broke the sink. He is paying to replace it and I am considering a Blanco in tan color. My concern - has anyone had a lot of problems with staining? The price on this sink is almost too good to be true so I'm wondering if there are problems with this particular color.

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Wow I love mine to death. I am moving and I'll miss that black sink. I clean it with the rough side of a sponge and dish soap. When we were showing the house I would shine it with Sprayway and wipe with a microfiber cloth. It is two years old and it looks new.

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In my last house I had a black Blanco sink and we had very hard water with lots of lime. It was very difficult to keep this sink clean - I tried everything and had had to clean it every day. All the sinks were difficult, but the Black Blanco was the worst. I would not recomend if you have this type of water.

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I have a Blanco black Silgranit Sink. I am on a well. We were getting the white stains and build up on our black sink (from minerals in the water, from our dish soap and from Barkeepers Friend). I would use vinegar and mineral oil, but they would never completely get rid of the white stains, they were just hiding the stains temporarily and then the stains would come back in about a week. I finally found this forum and looked at all of the remedies that were listed here in the comments, but none of them really worked. The one remedy I hadn't tried yet was the Target Brand Up and Up Magic Erasers. So...I decided to give the Magic Erasers a shot.

I purchased the Target Brand Up and Up Magic Erasers and I soaked one in water and squeezed out the water so it was still wet, but not dripping wet. Then, I started with the bottom of the sink were the major white staining was. I scrubbed lightly in a circular motion, then in a linear motion and the stains appeared to get lighter. Then, I applied a little more pressure and continued to scrub the stains. The more I scrubbed the stains with the Magic Eraser, the lighter the stains got until they finally disappeared! Then, I started on the white stains around the faucet and soap dispenser. Within a few minutes of scrubbing, those white stains disappeared as well.

Because of Target Brand Up and Up Magic Erasers and this Gardenweb forum, my black Silgranit sink looks like new again...for the first time in three years!

My recommendation, for anyone that has this problem, is to skip all of the other suggested solutions and try the Magic Erasers first...the Magic Eraser is really the only solution.

By using the Magic Erasers, I don't need to use mineral oil on my sink anymore. I still use mineral oil if I want to give the sink more of a shine, but I don't have to in order to hide the white stains anymore...because I don't have anymore white stains after using the Magic Erasers.

If I do see white stains gradually appearing again...I take out the Magic Eraser...dip it in water...squeeze out the excess water and I lightly scrub the white residue or stain until it is gone (which takes about a minute or two).

Thanks again to the people here that suggested the Target Brand Up and Up Magic Erasers...they really work and now my black Silgranit sink looks like new again.

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I've got a 6 year old white one. It does get a little grungy looking sometimes. I keep a spray bottle full of water and a dash of bleach. I just spray the grungy sink, wait a minute or two and it looks like it's fresh out of the box.

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I have a 2 yr old Anthracite (black sink). The magic eraser works really great! I also recommend using the Mineral Oil to bring the original shine back up. Looks like the day I got it! I love my BLANCO sink!

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