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loves2readAugust 12, 2012

We have home we own that we were letting our son live in for past few years. Now he and his new wife have bought house of their own and moved out. We need to prep this house for sale...

Looking for inexpensive place to get some faux wood blinds for narrow windows...need 10 of them for breakfast window bay--about 12 x 72 inches tall...and they are too narrow for the cut to measure ones sold at Lowe's or Home Depot...

We got some of the faux cut to measure for bedrooms before he moved in but those windows are more standard size and blinds are fine...

Any recommendations for website/company -- and need to get them within 10 days so the guy who is doing the make ready like painting can install...

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graywings123 - $27 each.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I have gone through Years ago.

Does each window have its own casement? Can you treat two, or more, windows as one and use wider blinds?

Another option is to leave the window without any treatments. Leave it bare and let the sun shine in and leave the window coverings up to the buyer. Or, hang up inexpensive white sheers. I'm not sure if going the sheer route is practical if you have to drill holes in wall. Tension rods are always easy, but not for a bay window.

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You don't want to spend too much getting the house ready to sell, and you definitely don't want to put any more holes in it. We actually went around removing nails, screws, etc and patching and painting them before listing.

Cheapest thing to do? Get spring tension rods. Buy some cheap fabric that coordinates. Cut FLAT pieces to fit the windows with enough extra to turn in the sides, hem the bottom and put a rod pocket at the top. I did that for our dining room and they looked like custom-made, fabric covered shades. Of course, they don't go up and down, but for showing the house, they don't have to. Buy your fabric at Walmart in the $1-2 clearance section and you'll be able to get all the fabric you need for under $10-15

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