She's here! Pics of sink and stuff....

deedlesApril 28, 2012

(these pics are in my current kitchen, not the one that's going to be remodeled and OMG, I cannot get photobucket to save re-sized pics, still sorry for giant pics.)

Well, the beautiful sink arrived yesterday... very well packed and with some gifts of copper and stainless cleaner to boot! Talk about fast shipping, too. Don't think the customer service could be much better than Rachielle offers.

So here is a pic of all the stuff that I've picked out (so far) together. (Anyone that remembers the chicken wallpaper... it just doesn't work with this sink at all.)

I have a sample of the Bradbury frieze paper that I envision above the cabinets on two walls. May not work with the layout but haven't ruled it out yet so included in the pic.

Left front are the linoleum colors that I'm trying to pick from for the floor. Thinking diagonal checkboard. This kitchen floor runs into the entry so it has to work for both areas... thinking the brown and yellow (butter, they call it)as the main colors in both entry and kitchen with the addition of small green or red squares at the intersections of the diamond pattern in the kitchen? Haven't nailed that down yet but (real)linoleum it is, not changing that choice.

On the right front is a sample of heart pine countertop and in front of that are two paint samples for the cabinets. The left, more brick-ey red is Shiloh cabs from a local place and the right is burgundy red from I was really leaning towards the burgundy until the sink came. Now the more brick red seems to make the sink stand out a bit more and the burgundy seems to fade into the least to my eye in person it does.

Lastly are samples of some handmade tile glazing colors. I've never seen a pic of this but what I was thinking was having a wood back splash with holes cut out to accept just a few larger (4x8") accent tiles and then grout or caulk or whatever the space around the tile so it's finished nice. Wood and tile backsplash?

Anyone seen this anywhere? I kinda like it but not sure how to make it work yet.

Thoughts, advice, anyone see something that I'm missing or do these choices seem to work together? I'm liking it but of course, I can hardly be considered objective anymore. Going for a woodsy, cabin-ey feel without feeling beaten over the head with it. Ceilings will be knotty pine tongue and groove, fwiw. Not sure about door/drawer style yet but simple is what I'm leaning towards.

Ships4u painted walls are looking really good to me for non-backsplash wall areas. Love her kitchen.

Thanks for looking and okay people, thoughts?

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You have some beautiful choices! I love to see how everything is coming together. I LOVE the pine counters with the brick red cabs. That red is really nice! All of those floor colors work. I like the direction that you're going with them. It will be beautiful.

Those tiles you've got are yummy! Really gorgeous. I'm having a hard time picturing them in the wood splash. Maybe you could use them in a tile splash behind the range? I'd be afraid of a beadboard splash. Seems like it would be a nightmare to clean. Beautiful though.

And that sink!! The sink is gorgeous! I can't tell from the picture, but make sure the sink is properly supported on the sides and isn't sitting on the flange. It kind of looked to me like it was just sitting on the counter without being supported and it could be damaged. Just wanted to make sure. Totally agree about the great customer service from Rachielle. Now you can understand why those of us who have purchased from him are such fans. :)

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Gorgeous! Love love love the sink. (Although I am disappointed in the demise of the chicken paper! :-)

I like the tile+beadboard idea, personally. If you want to try the round tiles, you could buy a hole saw (if using before installing beadboard) or a Forsterner bit (if using after). Then just thinset the tile in the hole, and caulk around the perimeter. Maybe nail a piece of screen or something in the hole first to give the thinset something to grab on to. Or just use caulk as an adhesive and skip the thinset.

It all looks lovely.

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It's looking wonderful! I like everything and definitely use some of those trees :)

For the flooring, I like all the colors, except the dark brown. Do they have a warmer, lighter shade...more like your wood countertops or backsplash? The sink is going to be a great focal point!

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'butter' for the floor. brick on cabs.

I like the tiles - not the wood tho. I think I'd like some of those tiles set in with larger subway shaped tiles.

cabiny/woodsey is one thing - dungeony is another. don't go dark too much/all over.

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Pooh: I just sat the sink on the counter to take a pic of it... is that bad? Can I hurt the sink? I'll put it back in the box with the packing stuff, I guess. Just took it out to look at and to show you guys. I do have beadboard for my back splash in my current kitchen and it's fine, the only thing I'd do different is have a 4" wide piece at the counter to stop the crumbs getting stuck in the crack where the wall meets counter. For this backsplash I'm leaning toward either a horizontally run tongue and groove plank or solid wood slab.
Hi Angie!: I too mourn the demise of the chickens. (Still think I'll hide them somewhere, though.) I'm probably going with 4x8 tiles... although your idea for round ones is clever. These are their glaze sample tiles. Maybe just caulk would work since there isn't much weight to just a tile here and there... thanks!

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Hi Lav! I have looked at the lighter browns (in person) and none grabbed me with the other colors. I've already ordered that brown for a powder room and another room, so I'm kinda in on that one. I can go to the flooring place and re-look though.
I do like the trees a lot... hope I can make it work out to include them.

Desertsteph: yeah, the 'dark' factor is to be considered. I'd almost forgo a back splash altogether and do what ships4u did, very simple and clean look with just the paint, if it all was proving to be too dark. I'm also remembering the advice from a recent back splash thread: remember how many 'clowns' you have introduced. I think the sink and stove qualify as clowns and maybe with the red cabs, a simple BS of nothing but paint would be better? This forum has helped so many people avoid mistakes... I really treasure having a place like this to go to...

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Deedles, don't just set the sink on the counter! It needs to be supported on the sides. There are instructions in the packing of the sink that show you what to do. I can be damaged by setting it on a flat surface without support because the bottom of the sink isn't flat and the flange ends up supporting the weight. You can use some of the packing material to support it. That's what I did with my sink when I took it out. Here's a picture to show you how it should be supported.

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oops. Fixed it. Thanks Pooh. Didn't read the stuff first. :/

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Love what you are doing. The cab color on the right of my screen looks very much like my cabs.

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That is one pretty sink - love it!

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Love the sink--love the tile. Just love a colorful vintage vibe! I can't wait to see your kitchen pulled together with that wonderful stove.

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Thanks guys...

mamagoose: I can't wait either! Unfortunately, I'm gonna have to for awhile yet but we're looking to start gutting after labor day and hopefully by this time next year will be putting the finishing touches on our little house!

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