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geezerfolks_SharonG_FLAugust 12, 2011

When making a square quilt pattern and you want it to be more rectangular without adding another row, can the border be made larger on the top and bottom and still look like it belongs?


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I think so BUT much depends on the proportions AND fabric. I'd let your eye be your guide.
I've found over the years that even with a well thought out plan and pattern there are times when alterations in design are needed. Many times it's a matter of laying the top out on the bed or other flat surface and just eyeballing in the corrections you need till it looks balanced.
Some fabrics lend themselves better to adjustments than other, just as some patterns take adjustments better than others.

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I think that it could work with care given to proportions, design, and fabric. A thought would be to add another row of pattern or inner boarders at the ends with smaller blocks eg. 4x4's,checkerboard, diaginal strips, etc.. A great deal depends on the pattern used in the quilt.

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I have used different width top/bottom and side borders and was happy with the results. I have also added a top & bottom border only, then a second border all the way around and been happy with that. I've done Jayne's suggestion too and added rows of pinwheels or other simple blocks to the top & bottom then an outer border.


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Donna, I hadn't thought about the second border going all the way around....Maybe a narrow first border, the top and bottom pinwheel, etc, border, then an outer border to contain the whole shebang! Hmmmm, thinking, thinking, thinking......

Thanks, gals....


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I have seen them with different size borders and the quilting and or applique made it gorgeous. I'm a long way from FMQing to make it work lol!!!!

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I worked on a row robin that had different size rows (but similar) to make a square into a rectangle. One was sawtooth, and the other dog-tooth of different heights. It worked well as the colors all coordinated.


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I have done that before and it worked just fine. I have also put a small strip on the ends, then a border around the quilt and it worked ok, too.


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If you head over to Kate's Tropical Twist post, you'll see what I ended up doing.

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