Will this corner cabinet fit next to the range?

olivesmomApril 7, 2013

So I've decided to abandon my DIY makeover plans and just go for new cabinets (countertops, BS and appliances as well). I got a rough quote on Martha Stewart cabinets @ HD last night and I've scheduled a measure for later in the month when we return from vacation. Last night, armed with the MS cab catalog, I dreamt of all sorts of kitchen possibilities, that is until I walked into the kitchen this morning and realized just how small my kitchen really is.

One idea that I really liked was this corner cabinet with plate rack as shown below.

In addition to the plate rack, which I thought might be kind of nifty, I thought that maybe the drawers on top of the counter could be switched to a door and possibly house a small microwave. I really want to get rid of my over the range microwave but I have limited space.

However, the MS picture has more space than I do in my coner next to the range, and I'm not sure an aged cabinet will fit. I know I probably need the MS specs to know for sure, but does anyone think this might be a possibility? In my research I did stumble upon Xand83's kitchen in which her range-corner space looks very close to mine.

She managed an angled cabinet there, though smaller than the angled MS cabinet.

Here's my kitchen. The upper to the right of the range is 21" and the blind corner cab adjacent is 40".

I know I need the new cabinet measurements to know for sure, but does anyone think the angled cab/plate rack thing is a possibility? Or will it be too close to the range not enough space?

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Sophie Wheeler

No it won't fit unless you enjoy having visits from the fire department.

What you have isn't bad, especially since you want to sell and build soon. Just paint what's there and add some knobs and new counters. You won't get back the cost of new cabinets when you go to sell. A kitchen remodel in your situation is a money losing proposition. You will need every dollar to go towards the new build.

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Holly: that's what I was afraid of, too close to the range.

As far as the expense and selling soon, that's not happening :( I got some bad news yesterday on the loan front, so I've switched gears. Its a long story. Basically, I'm saying f*** it, if I'm stuck in this POS house I'm going to at least have it look the way I want (to some degree anyway). I'm quite depressed about all of it and the idea of remodeling the kitchen is helping I guess.

The current cabinets aren't anything great, but they aren't falling apart or anything. I just don't think I want to go to the trouble of painting them and I'm also worried about how they will hold up painted. FWIW the Martha Stewart cabinets should be under $5,000 with drawer bases and pull out trash, etc.

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Gosh, I kinda LIKE your cabinets!

Best of luck in your decision.

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"Gosh, I kinda LIKE your cabinets!"... so do I, put some nice pulls on them for a lot less than 5k

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