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lynn_r_ctApril 28, 2014

One of these days I'll research posting pics but for now - just look at this kitchen made from cabinets from CabinetNow. Be sure to scroll down, the results are truly amazing in my eyes.

PS. I am not representing CabinetNow in any way, so no spam here, but I have put them on my most likely to use list.

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Nice kitchen. Actually, her doors are made by CabinetNow, and she got the cabinet boxes from IKEA.

CabinetNow is where I bought my doors too. Great company. And per vsalz, shouldn't be confused with the Cabinets Now which you learned have a horrible reputation - I came across the same thing in trying to find a company that made doors.

Likewise, my doors and drawer fronts came with no issues. They were very nicely constructed.

Here is a link that might be useful: CabinetNow link

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My bad... I should have been clearer. Vsalz did say that he used ikea boxes and CarbinetNow for the doors/drawers. I was just pleased to see another source for doors/drawers than the Barker/Scherrs etc. that we have been seeing. I have not done a true price comparison, working on that now, but I was so impressed at how rich Vsalz's kitchen looked - not like a "put it together like lego's" other's might imagine. Can't wait to see my numbers, but thanks for clarifying it for everyone.

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