Soapstone source in Northern Virginia

julieh1926April 28, 2010

After many months of reading this site and looking at gorgeous kitchens, I'm really leaning towards getting soapstone counters. Not sure yet, but want to explore some options. Does anyone know of a soapstone source (distributor, fabricator, shop?) in the Northern Virginia or Washington, D.C. metro area? Thanks so much!

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Have you looked into Alberene soapstone in Schuyler VA? When I decided to use soapstone I was super impressed to find out that Alberene is the only operating soapstone quarry in the US and it is right down the road from DC. They can send out samples of the different varieties that they mine and you can visit the facilities to look at the slabs. They do not fabricate and install but they do have people in this area that they will recommend. I am extremely happy with our stone and really enjoyed working with both the people at Alberene and the installer that they recommended.

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Hopefully we'll be building in the southern Shenandoah valley within the year... and I've been hoping to use Alberene.
AthomeinVA could you share some pictures? Where was your fabricator located?
Any problem with size of the stones since I've heard that they tend to have smaller slabs?

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I used Alberene for my own kitchen and on two other outside jobs. As a builder, they have done fabrication for us. We shipped them our templates and they fabricated the tops and a soapstone sink, and shipped it to the jobsite ready-to-install; I did have to cut out the outlet holes in the backsplash pieces. Maybe they don't do this for the public at large, but perhaps if your GC contacted them. Soapstone countertops aren't as hard as installing granite.

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Thanks for the responses -- I'll definitely check out Alberene. I'd love to see pictures, too. Anyone know of other shops in the Washington metro area?

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I live in Northern Virginia and looked at three soapstone dealers before choosing one. We looked at Alberene in Schulyer VA, Old Mill in Gordonsville VA, and Designer Surfaces, Inc in Frederick MD. We decided on Designer Surfaces because we liked the Green Mountain Original stone the best (not offered by the other two), and their price was the best. We were very pleased with the installation also.

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Thanks for all of these names! This site is so very helpful. Hsppytobehome, do you have pictures?

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gbsim- My husband's fam is in the valley, it is beautiful! The slab size depends on the variety that you pick, the Old Dominion that we have can come in slabs as long as 10 feet while some of the other varieties do only come in smaller lengths.
My fabricator is located in Fauquier but like I said they have many throughout VA. Check out their website and their Facebook page (you do not need an FB account to see the info.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Alberene on FB

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I have Old Dominion too. I'm in Richmond. My fabricators brought the slabs on site to measure, cut & install. I don't know how far they travel but I've linked their web site. Here's a picture during my installation

Here is a link that might be useful: VASoapstone

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Pics of Green Mountain Original as requested.

Before and after oiling on day of installation.

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We are located in western Loudoun Co. and we are considering soapstone as well. We are looking at having Bucks County Soapstone in Perkasie, PA build us a sink, and fabricate and install countertops and a beaded backsplash in our new construction kitchen in September. We visited their showroom on a family trip about a month ago and loved everything we saw. Bucks County offers unique finishing techinques that no other fabricators that I have researched are offering. They offer a "Franklin edge" for countertops that is softer looking than a traditional edge and gives the appearance of being worn over time. They also use the same technology to offer a "scooped" edge on their slant front sinks, and can also provide a recessed drainboard that looks worn in, in addition to the runnels that you see more frequently. They offer other unique carving/engraving services as well.

Scott does have a minimum dollar figure for it to be worthwhile to have his people make the trip twice, once for templating and once for install. He also offered to fabricate from drawings and to package the stone for DIY pickup. After seeing the lovely work that they do, we're willing to consider having him come do the install.

I know that you asked for more local sources of soapstone than Bucks County is, but I thought I would mention what we are doing, on the chance that you would want to have them do your install on the same trip as ours. I'm sure it would save us both money. Something to consider, anyway. They are about three and a half hours away from Purcellville, VA.

Best of luck with your kitchen.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bucks County Soapstone

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Happy -- wow! Your soapstone is gorgeous! Thanks so much for all of the information. We still aren't sure if we're going to get soapstone or not, but this info is invaluable. Thanks!

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I'm looking to get a honed or matte surfaced countertop. I really like soapstone but it is a bit too cold gray and dark. I wish it came in a warmer gray. Anyone have any suggestions? The color that really goes with my kitchen would be zodiaq's sage but neither I nor DH like the hi-gloss finish or the black speckles. btw: this forum has been a life-saver.

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